Premier League: Cristiano Ronaldo: “When I signed for United I expected something to change, but I was surprised how bad it was”

TheThe famous interview Cristiano Ronaldo gave to Piers Morgan in which he talked about his situation at Manchester United has finally come out. The Portuguese striker gave the interview to the journalist, where he was strongly accused of what was happening to him at the English club.

His decision to go to United

“I was so close to going to City, it’s something I talked about a lot, they tried a lot. Guardiola did everything I could to take me to City. But my heart, my feeling and what I’ve done before, Sir Alex Ferguson, made the difference.”

His relationship with the masses

“I don’t follow records, records follow me,” he said when told he had broken the record for number of shirts sold when he returned to Manchester United. “The fans to me are everything.” “When I decided to leave Juventus, United wasn’t in my plans, it even surprised me.”

Lack of progress at Manchester United

“When I signed for United I expected something to change, I spent nine years at Madrid, then at Juventus…but I was surprised how bad it was. Everything was still the same, the technology, everything. It’s something that surprised me, I didn’t expect it. It was everything.” as it is.”

I was about to join Manchester City in 2021, I was surprised they put so much effort into signing me.

Bad United timing

“When I signed Sancho, Varane and myself, I thought things were going to be the way Manchester should be. Sir Alex Ferguson left a big hole at the club. Sir Alex Ferguson left a big hole at the club, not just Sir Alex Ferguson, the guy I think made a difference, David Gill, the chairman, is a very, very good guy. The structure around Sir Alex Ferguson was also very important.”

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Cristiano “goes off” from United

“At the moment it’s a club that’s not at the highest level. I hope they come back again in the future.” Cristiano seems to speak as if he is no longer a United player. They didn’t move, as if the clock had stopped.”

Very difficult with Rangnick

“And when you see some coaches coming, who want to invent football, I don’t agree, I have an opinion. They agree or not, they disagree, but that’s part of the job because at the end of the day, I’m in a club to win and, with my experience, I want to help.” As always, and some of the coaches who don’t accept, you know, that’s part of the job.”

If you compare Manchester United with Real Madrid or Juventus, the club stops in time.”

The youngest soccer players

“I don’t think they don’t respect experienced players, that’s not the word, but a different generation. There’s no hunger, they have very easy things. They don’t suffer. In all the leagues in the world, the youngest now, they’re not like my generation. But we can’t blame them because it’s Part of life, you know. The new generation and new technologies that distract them from something else, so…but they’re not the same. It’s a shame because if they have the best examples in front of your eyes, and if they don’t at least imitate what I did, then it’s some weird the thing.”

He is an example for young players

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to give advice, I’d rather be an example. Because I’m an example. I’m out there every morning and do the same thing. I’m probably first to last. I think the details speak for themselves. That’s why I say I like to lead by example.”

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The players he “saves” from United

“At Manchester United I can mention Dalot, he’s young, but he’s very professional, but I don’t doubt he’ll have a long life in football because he’s young, he’s smart, smart and very professional. Maybe Martinez, Casemiro he’s almost 30 years old. , But I will say Dalot.”

People are just trying to bring in the negativity, I’ve felt in the last four or five months, not only for me, but also for my family, for Georgina.”

Cristiano, on the occasion of the death of his son

“It’s probably the worst moment of my life since my father passed away. When you have a child you think everything will be normal and when it’s not, it’s hard. It’s hard to understand why this happened to us. That moment was probably the worst of my life, Gio and I were hard trying. Sometimes I have to explain to my family. I’ve never had to be happy and sad at the same moment. It’s so hard. You don’t know whether to cry or smile. You don’t know how to act. I remember very well that I don’t know the word to define what I felt, but it’s a crazy feeling, Passionate madness, I must stress we have at least Bella, one dies and the other survives but it’s hard to explain.”

The support the masses received after the death of his son

“I never expected something like this. I never did. Now I have the opportunity to say to English society, thank you very much for everything, it helped me a bit… I got a letter from the royal family too and I was very surprised. That’s why I say I have great respect for society The English, the English, because they were so kind to me. And at that difficult time in my life, they were in an amazing way. Because of the way he treated me and my family at that difficult time.”

When my son, Georgina, died, she told me to go play, do whatever I liked, and just forget about the situation.”

Why is he the most followed on social networks?

“Not only because I play football well, I think the rest is important, you have to be charismatic. I think being handsome also helps. I don’t know the real reason, but I’m a fruit that people want to bite into. Any fruit, let’s say a strawberry I don’t know how to express in English But it’s a fruit everyone wants to nibble on.

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Criticism of former teammates Rooney and Neville

“I care about people who love me. I don’t waste time with people who don’t love me, they don’t care about my life. I like being around people who love me, and I don’t waste time with people who criticize me. I don’t understand, you have to ask him. Only a year ago, Ronnie was He’s had kids here for six months now and he invited Cristiano to play football. I really don’t understand people like that. Or if they want it on the front page of the news paper, ‘They don’t want new jobs or whatever.’ Maybe he’s criticizing me because he ended his career in his 30s and I’m still playing at a high level. I will not say that I am more handsome, but it is true. “

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