Premier League: Cristiano resists the pulse of the “devastating” Haaland

Time passes quickly. So much so that what happened a few years ago seems to have happened centuries ago. But Before Haaland there was another record break. Two in particular: Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Erling’s start to the season with Manchester City was amazing. Norwegian scoring numbers “fly”. 15 games, 22 goals. cruel. In the Premier League The averages are the stratosphere. 11 games 17 goalsaverage 1.55 per day With outstanding performance like ‘hat trick’ What have you achieved before? Manchester United, Nottingham Forest and Crystal Palace.

Pep Guardiolahis coach, is dedicated to Erling. Haaland is very smart. Part of this is your work ethic. He was one of the first to arrive, like Rben, and one of the last to leave. Take good care of your body. He is well educated the way he should live as a professional.”reassured the technician on Monday citizen.

He was one of the first to arrive, like Rben, and one of the last to leave. Take good care of your body


In addition to 17 goals in the Prime Minister, Haaland adds to the “bottom” of the other character this campaign Five in the Champions League in three gameswhich is another competition in which, on average, more than one goal is scored per match. Double against Copenhagen, double against Seville And a goal against his ex-wife, Borussia Dortmund. He remained unchecked in the Community Shield duel against Liverpool.

Haaland’s shots on goal this season in the English Premier League

portuguese killer

Before Haaland there were two “killers” from the region: Messi and Cristiano. They both had great seasons with scoring barbarism. However, in his long career None of them left their mark on a better start than Erling’s debut with Manchester City.

Just Cristiano Ronaldo equals 22 goals for Haaland in the campaign 2014-15. At that time, the Portuguese were in Real Madrid It started with a goal clearer than ever. In La Liga, he left the opposition: he scored four goals against Elche and hat-trick in his net Sports and sports. In addition, he achieved a double in the European Super Cup final against Sevilla.

fatal in heroes

Regarding the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo He is the best scorer in the history of the competition by scoring 140 goals in 183 matchesaverage 0.76 goalLeo Messi is in second place thanks to him 127 goals in 159 gamesaverage 0.79 goals per match. Haaland, who started his career, is still far in this historical classification of the Champions League. norwegian record 28 goals in 22 duels. However, his average concerns: 1.22 goals per match. Better than other cracks.

If you continue at this rate, Haaland on his way to Smash all scoring records…

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