Premier League: “Cristiano does not reach the World Cup well, and Ten Hag provoked him”

Nono LightA Portuguese journalist who has followed Cristiano Ronaldo’s career since the beginning and is close to the Portuguese entourage, analyzes in Fish & Twitch, a program about the English Premier League for the branded Twitch channelCR7 status is less than a month old for the World Cup in Qatar.

In the space directed by John Prada and Matt Cannon, Nuno Luz explained how Cristiano Ronaldo faces the World Cup and what he could do in the upcoming transfer market. “Tin Hag does not respect Cristiano’s career. He provokes him.”

Full conversation with Nuno Luz at Fish & Twitch

“Whoever knows Cristiano knows that he is a great professional, that he teaches the youth, he works on the field, at home … Now, to leave the bench and go to the locker room, it must be until his last hair” I assure.

Cristiano didn’t think this could happen to him in his career

“He doesn’t want or has space to spend more time at United. I think he wants to leave when the market opens after the World Cup. There has been a lot of talk about Atletico Madrid. Atletico can’t sign Cristiano if the player doesn’t come out. About to go to Chelsea , but the coach (Tuchel) didn’t want him. Now there’s another coach, let’s see now. I don’t see him in that position at United for another six months. Cristiano didn’t think this could happen to him in his career”, stated Nuno Luz.

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