Premier League: Conte, one step further: Ryan Mason manages to coach Tottenham

Antonio Conte’s hours are numbered at Tottenham. The incendiary press conference he gave after the 3-3 draw with Southampton would cost him his job.

“The problem is that we have shown that we are not a team. I see selfish players. This is the history of Tottenham. The owner has been here for 20 years and they haven’t earned anything. Why ?Conte asked after losing 1-3 in his favour.

Conte explodes against his team: “I see selfish players who don’t want to help themselves”

Everything seems to indicate that Conte, whose contract has expired, will leave in June, but his departure seems imminent. “He wants them to sack him now…and Tottenham should. You shouldn’t talk that way about your club, especially when they pay you a fortune.”Jamie Carragher confirmed.

You also see the dressing room outside, and every step Tottenham take, points in that direction. Conte, without going any further, went to Italy … When Tottenham set up a training session with non-internationals.

Directing session, as “Sky” advanced,Ryan Mason. The former player had already surprisingly taken charge of the first team when Mourinho was sacked. In fact, he became the youngest coach (29 years old) to coach in the history of the Premiership.

set temporary mason, While Tottenham continue to advance in the settlement of Antonio Conte. The “No. 1” option for the fourth “Tottenham” in the standings, It happens to take back Mauricio Pochettino.

The alternative – seems more complicated – He is convincing Thomas Tuchel.

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