Premier League: ‘City affair’ will bring tailgating: ‘There will be a lot of noise in the Premier League’

The “Manchester City Affair” brought the English Premier League to a tailspin. The English league has accused Citizens of multiple alleged breaches of financial rules on more than 100 occasions!

– alleged violations from 2009 to 2018, It will be linked to “financial information on benefits, coaches’ and players’ remuneration, UEFA regulation and cooperation with the Prime Minister’s investigations”. Now they will be sent to an independent commission to be considered before a final ruling is issued that cannot be appealed to the Prime Minister by the Sky Blues.

Manchester City, accused by the Prime Minister of alleged financial irregularities

Curves coming in the union…and in the league itself! The clubs that finished second (Manchester United and Liverpool) in those seasons in which City won the treble (2012, 2015 and 2018) or those that were excluded from the Champions League (Tottenham, the ‘Reds’ and the ‘Red Devils’ themselves. ‘) Loss of money in bailouts and prizes They could claim damages if the “dozens” were found guilty or were not satisfied with the punishment. Stephen Taylor Heath, head of sports law at JMW Solicitors, explained in “The Athletic” what the potential consequences are.

There will be a lot of saber rattling by Premier club chiefs. There are many strong personalities in the ownership of the team now and we don’t know the pressure that was put on the Prime Minister to get to this point. They will watch carefully what the Prime Minister does, but as long as this committee meets properly and is independent and is not simply an extension of the Prime Minister, there will be no problems,” says Taylor Heath.

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denounced the premier

Will they be able to take legal action? This is how the lawyer explains it: “The PM is a group of clubs and if you are a member you agree to comply with the rules and regulations. The first thing that can happen is for the aggrieved club to seek action against the PM if they believe the PM has not imposed a penalty enough. But what the prime minister will say right away is: ‘We did not impose any sanction, it was an independent commission that imposed the sanction. It needs to be explained why you have the right to take action against City as a club against a club action, rather than simply being bound by the decision of the committee you agreed to as a club when you signed the Premier Compliance Act.

The clubs will watch carefully what the Premier does, but as long as this committee is properly convened and independent and not simply an extension of the Premier there will be no problems.

Taylor Heath at The Athletic

“This will be the starting point for trying to determine what your loss is, but where do you start and end?. If you say, ‘I finished fifth and I would have qualified for the Champions League’, surely you can say, ‘Well, if I had qualified for the Champions League I would have made more money and could have bought better players. Next time. ao’. It’s exponential In terms of the default. They’ll have to show what impact those offenses, if proven, have on their positions in the league, and then they’ll have to say what that represents in commercial terms. You might talk about bonuses for a league position, but the big change is Champions League qualification.” Says Taylor Heath.

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