Premier League: ‘City affair’ a week later: ‘City can be successful but not clean’

hSince a week, The English Premier League has gone through a turning point. The English Premier League accuses Manchester CityOf alleged and multiple breaches of financial rules on more than 100 occasions!

The alleged violations, which range from 2009 to 2018, will be relevant.”with financial information on benefits and bonuses for coaches and players, the organization of UEFA and cooperation with the Prime Minister’s investigations”. Now, they have been sent to an independent panel to be considered before a final ruling that cannot be appealed to the Prime Minister is made by some ‘cityzens’ who sang Alirn three times during that period (2012, 2014 and 2018).

“City have proven that they are completely innocent in the UEFA case. Why don’t I think the same now? I am absolutely convinced that we will be innocent and after that what will happen? Will we stop? Since Abu Dhabi took over the club? It has always been like this. Looks like we’ve already been judged. I will not move from here, I can assure you. I want to stay more than everHe judged Pep Guardiola. But how does the UK view this situation?

From finance to sports

Guardiola: “We will be innocent since Abu Dhabi took over the club, it was like this”

Kieran MaguireThe professor and in charge of the economic portal “Price of Football” at MARCA explained the inside story of this case from a financial point of view: “The accusations, in general, are City overestimated revenues and underestimated expenses, which allowed the club to meet Financial Fair Play. First, they will hear the parties and examine the evidence. After that, they will make a decision, and if they are penalized, they can demand more control or be punished with losing points and even relegation.”

They will make a decision, and if they are penalized, they can demand more control or be punished with losing points and even relegation.

Kieran Maguire, Professor and Chair of The Price of Football

Now, after seven days of “boom” on Affair City, we’ve tested the opinion of five journalists who follow the “cityzen” news closely. Sam Leeprofessional “athlete” Covering the ‘blue sky’ update, he sees parallels with UEFA’s 2020 two-year ban on two years outside Europe…which was later revoked by CAS: “It is difficult to have an opinion because although the large number of accusations is very serious, it was also dangerous when City were expelled from the Champions League. Everyone talked about it, people got really angry, but the club said they would fight and win… and in the end they won. Now, the situation looks very similar to what it was back then. If they are found guilty, it will be news, but it is not confirmed and it may be years before we find out.”

It seems the situation is very similar to what happened in UEFA sanction in 2020. If they are found guilty, that would be news, but it is not confirmed and it may be years before we find out.

Sam Lee, journalist at The Athletic

Miguel Delaney, a journalist for The Independent, puts the seriousness of events into perspective: “Because of the alleged charges, this is the biggest controversy the Premier has faced outside the Premier League. The English football team was surprised. The seriousness of the alleged charges is also why the potential penalties are so severe.” A line that also follows that James Gregg (BBC): “It’s the most powerful set of accusations in PM history! When they reported it, they knew they were going to make a big noise. I don’t know what will happen, but it’s a message to anyone who thinks they can get away with it. It’s just the beginning of a very long legal battle. If you’re from City Well, that’s worrying.”

Because of the alleged charges, this is the biggest controversy the Premier has faced outside the Premier League

Miguel Delaney, journalist for “The Independent”


Panorama of the city of Manchester, with the statue of Company in the foreground.

It’s the most powerful batch of shipments in PM history!

James Gregg, BBC journalist

Chris Flanaganjournalist inFourFourTwo’, He highlights how this situation affects the rest of the clubs: “For the Prime Minister the case must be convincing, as it took them four years to finish the investigation and City were charged with more than 100 offences. There has been talk in England that some clubs might want to relegate City if found guilty, or strip their league titles and hand them to the teams who finished second in each season. But City would certainly fight the charges very aggressively, so no one can be sure of the outcome. This could be one of the biggest dramas in the history of the Premier League.”

Affair for the City may be one of the biggest dramas in PM’s history

Chris Flanagan, ForFourTwo journalist

Alvaro Romeo, Head of Universo Premier Podcast on “Talksport”accurately radiographed the situation: “The accusations are very serious. Now the club is expected to devote all the necessary resources to preparing a strong defense that will make it out safely, if not immaculately, from this new dispute. Immaculate is impossible because his image has already been affected.” No matter how hard the lawyers try, it will be hard for City to provide smooth arguments for each of the more than 100 crimes.. Without going any further, when he won his appeal to TAS three years ago, the judges’ ruling recognized that, in fact, there was a basis to sue City. It feels like the prime minister memorized this part of the sentence and decided to continue pulling the string.

It gives the feeling that the prime minister kept this part of the UEFA sentence and decided to continue pulling the string

Alvaro Romeo, journalist for “Talksport”

No matter what happens, the damage to City’s reputation has already been done. A period has opened in which whatever City achieves on the pitch is accompanied by a game, a reminder, a comment in brackets saying the club is under investigation. It is necessary that the punishment, if any, be exactly as prescribed in these cases, no matter what damage it may cause to both the Prime Minister and the City. This process can be long and by the time a decision is reached many of the current members of the club may have already left,” Romeo admits. There has been controversy for a while…

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