Premier League: Chelsea young pearl who made her debut for Ancelotti and is now homeless at 32

hjust over a decade ago, Jacob Mellis (Nottingham, 1991) He started his professional career in the football elite, no less than a giant of Premier League like Chelsea. At the time when it first came in Champions League With the team, and as of today in the middle of 2023, he is homeless.

He has no home, car, or incomeIn the past year and a half, he has moved from place to place, counting on the good will of friends and family who provide him with a roof to sleep under. This week, Melisse broke her silence sports mail, He tells the ordeal he is living and how it ended like this.

“These people try to help me as much as they can, I go every day thinking about where I should go. They got me beds and hotels to stay in… It’s something you don’t think can ever happen to you‘, explains the former English footballer, who decided to hang up his boots after A.J Serious knee injury Last year when he was a member of the ranks Southend Unitedof the English National League (Fifth division).

formed in Sheffield United youth ranksMiles joined Chelsea Academy in 2007, With only 16 years old. This midfielder, usually used by managers as a defensive pivot, established himself in the London club’s reserve team two years later before going on loan to Manchester United. Southamptonat that time in first (third) league, But he returned in January, after playing only 9 matches.

I went back to Chelseawith what Jam debuted in the Premier League…but curiously in the Champions League. It was in the penultimate match of the group stage against MSK Zilina, November 23 2010with the team already seeded for the round of 16 … and with him Carlo Ancelotti On the seat. Melis I entered at 92 minutes and it was only 60 seconds On the green next to Stamford Bridge Drogba, Malouda, Ramires and company. It could be before and after…but behind him there was more.

The night, the alcohol, and the smoke bomb that cost him his dismissal

“When you drink, you lose control of what you’re doing. Without a doubt, that and my nights out were the downfall.Says Mellis now, who after A Failed loan to Barnsley, he returned to Chelsea in 2011, Further extended their relationship for another two years, until 2013.

However, the alcoholic beverages began to affect a young man of barely 20 years old. “I remember once drunk I got to a training session. I would have been 19 and I remember that David Luiz, who doesn’t speak much English, asked me, “Hey, have you been drinking?” Smell my breath. They tried to have Ashley Cole my guide and help me focus, get out less… On top of that, I was an egomaniac and arrogant who thought I had to play,” Mellis recounts.

I remember David Luiz, who didn’t speak much English, asking me ‘Hey, have you been drinking? Smell my breath. I was 19 years old

Despite renewing his association with the blue team at the start of 2010, Mellis would end up being sidelined Launched for a more surreal reality. That was in March 2012When he was a member of the reserve team, when on a morning of training he made a smoke bomb and detonated it in the locker room.

The incident reached such a level that firefighters appeared on the scene to put out the small fire that had started and the Chelsea facilities had to be evacuated. Roman Abramovich, the owner of the club, was informed minutes after the smoke bomb exploded and did not hesitate to fire Melis..

The future in football and the beginning of the end

After spending two years at Barnsley play in it championshipMelis’ career went downhill and he ended up with a good bunch of different teams (Blackpool, Oldham, Bury, Mansfield, Bolton, Gillingham and Southend) To this day, he is broke and looking for professional help.

“I called Pfa (Professional Players Association). I’m trying to understand the harm that alcohol causes, I have to understand that it’s not the problem of not drinking alcohol every dayL explains sports mail, Adding that in the coming weeks he will enter a detoxification clinic in order to end his addiction.

I’m trying to understand the harm that alcohol causes, I have to understand that it’s not the problem of not drinking alcohol every day

Then, as he himself admits, he wants to think about the ball: “Chelsea have helped me get to Level 1 and Level 2 as a coach, I think it’s something I’ll enjoy because I watch football every day and I think I can help young people get away from the ‘traps’ of football..

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