Premier League: Chelsea drama: Wesley Fofana breaks his knee (again)

Bad luck struck, once again, with Wesley Fofana (Marseille, 2000). The promising French central defender, for whom Chelsea paid 81 million for Leicester a year ago, fractured his knee again.

The 22-year-old did not travel to the US tour due to specialist medical evaluations, which, Unfortunately, they confirmed that an operation would be necessary‘, reads the ‘blue’ statement.

The worst predictions were confirmed and Fofana, according to Chelsea himself, presented He is undergoing surgery to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

This is the third serious injury to his knees. Already at Saint Tianen, in 2019-20, he was out for 75 days. Last year, in his Chelsea debut, he spent a total of 126 days abroad.

The terrifying entry of Vir Nieuw to Fofana in a friendly match

The worst injury of his careerWithout a doubt, It was a fibula fracture that occurred In a pre-season friendly match against Villarreal in 2021 due to a tackle by Fer Nieuw. So, in the ranks of Leicester he missed 223 days.

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