Premier League: Chelsea are crazy: they spent more in January than LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Serie A combined

Todd Bohle is an entrepreneur with high numbers. Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner and Lakers shareholder entered the May premiers by force. Together with Berdad Eghbali (Clearlake Capital), Mark Walter and Hans-Georg Weiss, he bought Chelsea from Roman Abramovich for 5,000 million euros! In the largest acquisition of a football club in history.

Our commitment is to acquire as much talent as possible and invest for the long term.Boehly admitted that he completed most of the first part and accelerated the second part. He wasted no time since he was in charge of the bridge: first he restructured the administrative and sports plot – director Marina Granovskaia, president Bruce Buck, technical advisor Petr Cech … left the club – and then the market shook.

In fich’s summer 282 million euros to Fofana (80.4), Cucurella (65.3), Sterling (56.2), Coulibaly (38), Chukwuemeka (18), Aubameyang (12), Slonina (9.1) and Zakaria (conceded by 3). No team in Europe has reached his account… But it wasn’t enough: Chelsea sent Tuchel off after an erratic start and some friction. “We weren’t sure Thomas shared our vision,” Bohle said at the SALT conference. However, Potter’s arrival has not straightened the Blues’ march: they are in 10th place, 10 points behind the Champions League. A crisis they want to solve in the market.

With Christopher Pfeiffel – former sporting director of RB Leipzig – and Paul Winstanley – former chief scout at Brighton – Chelsea invested £178.5m in January Modric (70 + 30)Badiachel (38), Madueki (35), Andre Santos (12.5), Datro Fofana (12) and Joao Felix (11, loan). They’ve spent more than the other four Grand Slams combined! Between the Bundesliga (49.4), LaLiga (24.1), Ligue 1 (19.3) and Serie A (9) they barely added 101.8 kilograms.. Even adding the Premier League (22.3) and the Eredivisie (17) does not give them (141).

31 players and 460.5 million with Bohli

Chelsea is the first team in history to pass 400 million transfers in one season. The 460.5 left in 14 footballers serves them to make the whole eleven and exceed Abramovich’s last three seasons’ investment (410.2).

They also broke records. Only Barcelona (380.1kg in 2017-18), Real Madrid (355.5 in 2019-20) and City (317.5 in 2017-18) break the 300 ceiling. Bohli smashed her to pieces before completing his eight months in the bridge. And they can get even more by increasing the number of employees crowded into their locker room. They have 31 players! They will have to give exits.

Why do they score so much?

Kieran Maguire, Professor and Head of the Football Price Economic Portalexplains MARCA’s Blues modus operandi: “They spread out the cost in extraordinarily long contracts. According to the rules, 100% of a player’s sale counts in fair play in that tournament, but the buy-in cost is spread out in bond years.”

Other clubs have a long term strategy. If Chelsea players make a mistake in signing, they will stay with them for a long time. It’s a high, dangerous bet

Kieran Maguire, Professor and Head of Price Football

Modric (2031) and Badiachel (2030) draw This plan. “Other clubs have a long-term strategy. If the players they sign make a mistake, they stay with them for a long time. It’s a big bet and a risk.”, he explains. crazy.

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