Premier League: Casemiro to Kesemero: United will be cooler since signing

Casemiro’s departure from Real Madrid collided with more than once his foot changed. The Brazilian “stopper”, who had just been named the UEFA Super Cup’s “Player of the Year”, turned out to be the league and Champions League champion, For Manchester United who just signedAs far as punctuation is concerned, Its worst season since the re-establishment of the premiers. “I already have five Champions Leagues. I’m excited about the challenge of working towards winning again,” Answer when asked about his “relegation” to the Europa League.

Casemiro puffs his chest: “I already have 5 champions”

Kroos and Modric called it MARCA with two teardrops.“She didn’t even let us relax in the Turkish bath.”Tony suggested. “You were the best bodyguard in the world.”Type Luke.

At Old Trafford, on the other hand, they were waiting for him with open arms. Raphael Varane warned: “If you have the opportunity to bring him in, you must do everything possible.” when the athletic department consulted him about his potential signing.

If you have the opportunity to bring Casemiro, you should do everything possible

Raphael Varane

Arrive with the team in ‘Red Lantern’

Casemiro arrived at United was making water everywhere. The Red Devils fell 4-0 with Brentford just before his arrival They closed out the second day as a bottom team, Something that hasn’t happened since 1992.

His arrival coincided with a good moment for the team. In fact, it took five matches for “Case” to debut in the Premier League. Ten Hag justified himself: “He’s new and he has to adapt. He has to get used to my way of playing football.” But the disaster with City (6-3) in the “Derby” accelerated his entry to 11 … and there was no one left to move him.

The data – he is the seventh player to make the most ‘tackles’ (tickets) in the Premier League – underscores the need for a strategic signing and justifies the $70m cost. United would be cooler, tied at 38 points with Arsenal, if the prime minister started on August 22 in conjunction with Casemiro’s landing in Manchester. True, yes, the “Red Devils” played one more game than the “Gunners”.

Ten Hag reveals his reasons for signing with Casemiro: “You see him grow up and…”

“We needed a ‘6’, a defensive midfielder. It’s one of the conclusions we drew in our pre-season analytics, Fortunately, we brought the perfect one.Erik ten Hag says.

We needed 6 defensive midfielders and we brought in the perfect candidate: Casemiro

Eric Tunhaag

“We needed players with personality. That’s why signing Casemiro was so important. Besides Varane, we already have two players who know what it means to win trophies, ”continues Ten Hag. With Varane, precisely, he“ revived ”the successful partnership he had already formed at Real Madrid. United, with both of them on the pitch, are unbeaten in the Premiership: Add in eight wins, two draws, and even Grealish’s goal in the derby, Came to collect 515 minutes! without compromising on a single goal.

At Old Trafford he has a great personality that was boosted with a comeback against City (2-1). He has been involved in four goals – scoring one and assisting three – in the last five matches at “El Teatro de los Sueños”. In the “derby” he filtered the pass into space so that Bruno Fernandez, without controversy, scored the momentary goal 1-1.

Casemiro scores and is already a captain in Manchester

“He pushes the boundaries of Manchester United,” insists Ten Hag, who paid tribute to him again after the “derby”: “He’s the player who anchors our foundations. He organizes the team, anticipates, recovers balls, wins duels and, with the ball, he can speed up the game. There aren’t many players of his quality in the world.” I’m happy to have him with us because he makes a difference.”

He is the player who anchors us. Organize the team, predict, retrieve balls, win duels, and with the ball, you can speed up the game

Eric Tunhaag

An idea claimed by a “Red Devils” legend like Rio Ferdinand in “BT”: “United were a fragile team, there were cracks, but Casemiro managed to cover them up. He’s the glue that unites the group. Everything goes through him.”

Casemiro’s angry celebration at the 94th minute after an interesting goal

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