Premier League: Casemiro, ‘on fire’: Cristiano’s role, ‘guard dog’ and his ‘sheer class’

Casemiro started out to be Casemiro. this player indispensable In the middle of any team. one of the axes on which Manchester United. Kiss ChelseaLast weekend too He scored his first goal With the “Red Devils”, a goal that contributed to the equalizer in the 94th minute.

The United’s beginningswho arrived from Real Madrid this summer, It wasn’t easyIt cost him to adjust. Now, after some mating time, I started on carbonation. Even his coach, Eric Ten Hag, says so.

Ten Hag reveals the reasons for his signing with Casemiro: “You see him growing up and…”

Now, from game to game, you see it grow and then you see how important it is in our game.

Do you have a right

“it’s clear, The Premier League is a different leagueEspecially intensity. I needed a short time to adapt to that. And now, from game to game, you see it grow and then you see how important it is in our game. He brings calm and organization, plus he also scored a goal. He brings a lot to the team.”the coach confirmed in the press conference after the match against Chelsea.

The club has been a great help, it’s a very welcoming place and they took great care of us


Good reception and help from Cristiano

For his part, Casemiro felt very comfortable From the start at Manchester United. “The club has been a big help, it’s a very welcoming place and they were very concerned about us. We felt at home from day one.”explains the midfielder in an interview with the club’s media with his compatriot Anthony.

Cristiano is an exceptional person


one of them The closer I get to Casemiro In these early months it was CR7. Christian is a great friend. He has always helped us since we arrived. He is an exceptional person. I already knew him from Real Madrid and we worked together for a long time.”He says.

praise your performance

In addition to Ten Hag, Anthony also highlights Casemiro’s performance. It’s clear that she is key player To hold the team in the middle. “I always tell him he’s our guard dog in midfield.”as he says in an interview with the club.

I always tell him he’s our guard dog in midfield


Casemiro’s angry celebration in the 94th minute after an exciting goal

Casemiro shared so far in Eight matches in the Premier Leaguewhich is disputed 439 minutesHe scored a goal and provided an assist. In the European League, he was a regular starter in three of the four matches (298 minutes).

She has an absolute class. I think he’s a player they missed for years

Martin Keown

After the match against Chelsea, Many compliments were received by the Brazilian. The former player said: “He has a high level of quality. I think he is a player they missed years ago.” Martin Keown In Today’s Match.

What seems obvious is that Casemiro will go back to where he used to be…

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