Premier League: Casemiro, Lord of the Finals: Two of the best players and nine consecutive finals won

Casemiro changed the course of Manchester United. Erik ten Hag said afterwards: “Varane, De Gea and ‘Kiss’ know how to win titles and we need players like that on the field. They have a winning attitude that they bring to the dressing room in difficult moments.” Raise the Carabao Cup.

It was the Red Devils’ first title since 2017 to bear the “cause” seal. The Brazilian, with a header, opened the scoring against Newcastle at Wembley. Another final in which he wet the medium after doing so was in the Champions League and UEFA Super Cup, both in 2017.

Their spread carried “Manu”. His importance in both areas earned him selection as the Final’s MVP. Same as in the European Super Cup, which they won (2-0) against Eintracht In Helsinki for his last match with Real Madrid in August. A duel in which he was decisive and also helped Benzema.

We know he can score goals. I like dynamic football, with a lot of position changes, and Casemiro is also part of our attacking face.

Eric ten Hag, United manager

“We know he can score goals. I like dynamic football, with many changes in position, and Casemiro is also part of our attacking side”, weeks ago avis ten hag. The Brazilian has five goals with United (two in the Premier League, two in the FA Cup and one in the Carabao). Four in the last 12 matches across all competitions in which he has approached his most successful run (seven goals for Real Madrid in 2017-18 and in 2020-21).

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Casemiro gives United the Carabao Cup, ending five dry seasons

In addition to being good defensively, we have verified that he has a great passing quality and that, moreover, he scores goals.In short, Roy Keane. Casemiro has played a key role in keeping United alive on all fronts: they’ve won the Carabao Cup, they’re in the last 16 of the FA Cup and Europa League, they’re third in the Premier League, eight points behind leader Arsenal and with That being said, it was at Wembley where the Brazilian continued to extend his legend at the Finals.

Only Atlético stopped him

“Case” have won the last nine with clubs that have played in major tournaments (excluding Super Cups). One of the Carabao Cups with United joined the four from the Champions League (2022, 2018, 2017 and 2016), three from the Club World Cups (2016, 2017 and 2018) and one from the Copa del Rey (2014) with Real Madrid. Madrid. In that period at the Bernabéu, which also counts Super Cups, he played 17 finals and only once (the European Super Cup against Atlético Madrid in 2018). pure efficiency.

They can count on me to win matches and titles. I really want to do it

Casemiro in his United presentation

The way he leads and plays is contagious to the rest. calms them down. Everyone sees it and feeds on it. The team is successful when Casemiro is there,” confirmed his teammate Phil Jones. The €70m United paid Real Madrid in August has given a boost to United who already know what it is like to win a trophy with a “Kiss”. “I am happy and I am sure I will do my best, not Only in matches, but also in training. They can count on me to win matches and titles. I really want to do that “, Casemiro admitted in your presentation. The Carabao Cup with United was added to the eighteen metals he won with Real Madrid. He really is the “king” of Old Trafford.

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