Premier League: Casemiro falls in love with Rashford: ‘He could be one of the five best players in the world’

Marcus Rashford (Manchester, 1997) got his smile back. The Manchester United winger is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the ‘stadiumless’ World Cup. It’s “cold” at the last minute in England’s list and He made the most of his 137 minutes, almost all of them as a substitute, in Qatar: scored three goals,One against Iran (6-2) and two against Wales (0-3).

“a state of compassion” which he maintained upon his return to Old Trafford. Rashford threw Manchester United the ‘post-Cristiano’ on his back: Three games, three wins… and three goals.

Rashford goal (0-1) in Wolverhampton 0-1

Marker In the second round of the League CupAgainst Burnley (2-0), he opened the Premier League victory over Nottingham Forest (3-0) and scored the winning goal, coming off the bench, against Wolverhampton (0-1).

His substitution against the “Wolves”, after scoring in two matches, surprised the locals and outsiders, but had an explanation: He was going to start until he arrived late for the pre-match meeting…Because he fell asleep!!!

Rashford is back in big: He did not score in three consecutive matches (for United) for three years. Again, against Wolverhampton, he left his stamp as a shock: He is, according to Opta, the player with the most “winning goals” (5) in the history of the Premier coming off the bench.

The player of the “Red Devils” team has doubled the number of goals this season (11) than he did last year (5). This is why Casemiro is absolutely smitten with him.. “He’s one of the players who really surprised me. He’s amazing. He has an unbelievable way of hitting the ball, he’s strong, fast and smart…”, admitted the former Real Madrid player on ESPN.

He’s one of the guys that really surprised me. He has an unbelievable way of hitting the ball, he’s powerful, fast and smart…


However, Casemiro believes the best for Rashford is yet to come: “I love playing with him. He gives me a lot of energy. I’m sure if he stays like this, With the conditions he has, he could easily be one of the five best players in the world: he’s exceptional.”

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