Premier League: Casemiro double: Lots of scores from inside and outside the area

sIt seems that both Manchester United and Casemiro are slowly finding their best moments and reaching their best form of the season seeing the results achieved by the Reds and the performance of the Brazilian midfielder.

After the World Cup, the Case-United marriage works like a charm and in the corresponding FA Cup Round of 32 match, it once again showed signs that the gear was up and running.

Casemiro was the best of his team in a 3-1 victory, being the author of the first two goals that put the match and the tie on track. Both goals were finished by the Brazilian with great quality. The first of them analyzed one-on-one inside the area with a fine cut before the opposing goalkeeper left. Without getting nervous, he resorts to the noble art of a spoon, thus opening the bookmark and his own account.

The second, although it was a shot from outside the area, but also with a lot of class. Faced with a shot on the edge of the area, instead of holding the instep, Casemiro decided to finish inside with his right foot at the long post. Positioning, class and power, a shot against which the Reading goalkeeper could do nothing.

Casemiro’s first double with Manchester United and the fourth goal in the Red Devils shirt, in 22 matches, numbers similar to the numbers the Brazilian signed with Real Madrid.

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