Premier League: Bruno Saltor: “If I’m here it’s because the club thought it was the right jump”

Chelsea’s caretaker manager Bruno Saltour said the last 24 hours, in which Graham Potter had been sacked, had been “very difficult” and that if he accepted the position it was because Potter himself believed it was the right thing to do.. The Spaniard, who took over at Chelsea after the sacking of Graham Potter, has spoken for the first time to the media that he has already assumed his role as caretaker manager until the club finds a replacement.

“It’s been a very difficult 24 hours. Very difficult on all levels. You have to deal with the press conference, with the players, the relationship with Graham and Billy (Potter’s assistant), and their families. “Graham and Bailey are wonderful professionals and people and the players will be very sad about their departure,” Saltor explained.

The Spaniard was asked if he planned to stay in his position for the long term, and he said that it was something he could not control and that the only thing he could focus on was tomorrow’s match against Liverpool.. The Catalan coach, who will live his first match as a coach tomorrow against Jurgen Club, added: “We have to focus on things day after day. What we can control is what happens today and tomorrow.”

“I have a huge crush on Jurgen. They are going through a very difficult season, but they still have players of high quality and we have to be ready for the challenge.”

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