Premier League: Benjamin Mendy has been found ‘not guilty’ of rape and attempted rape

AndThe “Benjamin Mindy Affair” could be over. Former Manchester City left-back sentenced ‘not guilty’ Of the two charges he faced: Rape and attempted rape.

Jury at Chester Crown Court, Made up of six men and six women, it was never found Elements categorical enough to frame Mindy. “The Frenchman started crying when the player’s president read the acquittals,” says ‘BBC’.

It should be noted that the French international, world champion in 2018, was already acquitted in January of six counts of rape. Two other charges remained. This time he was accused of raping a 24-year-old woman at her home in October 2020.. There was also a complaint of attempted rape For a second woman, aged 29, in 2018.

Anyway, Mandy pleaded not guilty and denied both charges before the judge. “I’ve slept with over 10,000 women. You don’t force women to have sex,” he went on to stress.

former monaco, who arrived at the federation in 2017 for 57.5 million euros, He is free after his contract with City expires. While in Manchester, he played 75 matches, scoring two goals and distributing 14 assists.

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