Premier League: “Bad Klopp … but the best possible coach for Liverpool”

And theIt’s Liverpool in crisis… but hardly anyone asks Jurgen Klopp. Seven years after his arrival at Anfield, we’ve analyzed the legacy of his ‘network’ Fish and Twitch. like every week Matt Cannon s John Prada Browse the highlights of British football and the English Premier League for an hour and a half on Marca’s Twitch channel. A space full of stories, news, heroes and English humor.

German journalist of Spanish descent Michael GutierrezZ analyzes the Jude Bellingham phenomenon and its impact on the Bundesliga, Champions League and England. We review seven years with Klopp in Liverpool John Castro Forming a perfect eleven and seeing his future in a season when the “Reds” are in crisis.

And we traveled to Miami with the journalist nacho garca To find out why so many American businessmen buy Premier League clubs. The latter, Bournemouth. We will also talk about Arsenal, the Champions League, the withdrawal of Mwepo and of course Haaland. all in Fish and Twitch #12. Let’s go!

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