Premier League: Arteta surrenders to his players: “I tell them I love them more than last week…”

After being defeated by Everton in Sean Daiche’s debut in charge of the ‘desserts’, Mikel Arteta had no qualms in praising his players for the season they are in for.. They continue to lead the Premiership despite the setback and we must not forget Goodison Park Still only the second loss for “Arsenal” in the league.. Which is why no one in the London group wants to set off alarms.

“I told them I love them much more today than the week before, more than a month ago, more than six months ago.. It’s easy to love someone who wins and plays well. This is the moment when I have to be affectionate with them Because they deserve it. I am very proud to coach these players.”. This phrase from Arteta comes immediately after the Everton defeat.

I told my players that I like them much more today than last week.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager

San Sebastian coach is obviously a good part of The successes that Arsenal can achieve will accompany this along with the performance of some footballers who have fully understood their idea of ​​the game. And it is not because of a stumbling block that he will stop believing in them. now, With City Guardiola by five pointsit is up to the “gunners” to have peace of mind. Anyone at the Emirates Stadium would have signed up to be at the helm of the Premier League at this point in the season. As the saying goes, to be well-born is to be grateful and for Arteta to be with his people.

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