Premier League: Arteta designs deadly new ‘MSN’: ‘They fit like a Tetris font’

Barcelona’s MSN caused panic in the European defences. During three seasons (2014-17) Messi, Sarez and Neymar scored 354 goals! With the Barcelona team that won the treble in 2015. Compete with the BBC (Bale, Benzema and Cristiano) of Real Madrid, the scorer of 430 goals between 2013 and 2018 as they lifted, among other titles, four champions. . Then came ‘MSF’ (Man, Salah and Firmino) from Liverpool, and ‘MCN’ (Mbabbe, Cavani and Neymar) from Paris Saint-Germain who changed it last year for ‘MNM’ (Mbabbe, Neymar and Messi) …

History-making killer licenses that Arsenal are trying to build this season. Arteta has once again put together some familiar MSN football initials in an attack that leads the Premier League with efficiency. And that their top scorer (Odegaard, eight goals) is the one who launches them into an adventure and shoots them balls that end up in the net and Gabriel Jesus hit No. 9.

Martinelli, Saka and Nikitia must show consistency and the ability to do it every three days

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager

“They have to show consistency and the ability to do it every three days,” warned Arteta, challenging Martinelli, Saka and Nketiah. Three of them are flying at the forefront of the ‘Gunner’ despite being ‘children’. Their attributes are different but complementary and make them deadly. The 21-year-old Brazilian has collected seven goals and three assists this season. “He’s grown so much and it’s a nightmare to play against him,” said the Spanish coach.

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Saka (seven goals, seven assists) took over at the age of 21 and is one of Arsenal’s standout players. He already has star status as he showed with one or two goals against Liverpool. “He’s one of the smartest players I’ve come across. He’s a ruthless winner,” said Arteta, who handed Nketiah the main task after Gabriel Jesus was injured. The 23-year-old England ‘9’ has responded with four goals in the past five daysincluding two wins over the “Red Devils”.

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“What are you doing Eddy something amazing. We can’t say we see him coming, but we expected him to because of his way of life, his mentality and how his qualities fit into the team. Arteta explained that losing Gabriel Jesus was a big blow, but he was responding in an exceptional way. The three mixed well giving Arsenal the necessary solutions to lead the Premier League. And they have a bright and promising future.

Arteta “plays” Tetris

Their numbers are remarkable so far, but how does Arsenal’s MSN mix up? Mark White, “FourFourTwo” journalist Whoever follows the “Gunner” news breaks his game at MARCA. “So far they haven’t spent much time on the pitch (Nketiah has only been a regular starter for the past five days) but Each of them complements the other very well. They fit like a Tetris line in all three attack positions.” indicates white.

Martinelli and Saka play very wide and usually receive in the middle. With room in front to turn around, rather than running back to the goalkeeper. Teams usually have one winger who plays more on the feet and one in space to stretch the defences, but they can do both. The bitmap was the last piece in this puzzle. Its development has been phenomenal. The way he catches the ball has improved a lot, he plays out of the area And although he communicates with his teammates with his movements, he usually ranks a ‘9’, as an obvious journalist shows Arsenal’s ‘MSN’ has a lot of chemistry.

“Nketiah, Martinelli and Saka have such great individual talent that they are competent enough on their own and also when they combine their game. And with each of them 23 or younger, they still have a lot of room for improvement,” says White.

Nketiah, Martinelli and Saka are such great individual talent that they are competent enough on their own and also when they combine their game

Mark White

40% of goals

Between Martinelli, Saka and Nketiah, they have scored 40% of Arsenal’s goals in this Premier League. Mikel has no ‘killer’ but he does have three ‘wonder kids’ who share the goals and the responsibility for scoring. Competitors do not have a single threat. They come from three sides. “MSN” goes next to his initials.

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