Premier League: Andy Bryce complains: ‘In 24 years nothing has changed for black managers’

Andrew Preece (Evesham, 1967) has spent his life devoted to football. He was a player – he ran through Crystal Palace, Blackpool and Wrexham, among others – and in 1999 he jumped to the bench with Bury.

He has officiated, since then, 750 matches. He has become too The first black English coach to qualify a team for Europe, Airbus UK Proton Girls.

However, Press denounced, on BBC, the lack of black coaches in the Football League. “When I started coaching, in 1999, I was among the 5 to 6 black coaches. Now, in 2023, I’m still 1 of the 5 black coaches out there. 24 years have passed and nothing seems to have changed.

“There are a lot of black players. 43% of soccer players are black and 40% have a Pro license, But only 4% work as coaches. Something still isn’t right.” Insists.

43% of football players are black, but only 4% hold a coaching position. Something still isn’t right

Andy Brace

Bryce’s claim continues: “It’s sad and ironic that in 2023 we’re still talking about things like this.but it’s this unconscious bias that we talked about. People still don’t see blacks as leaders. It’s very frustrating. Talking about this makes me angry.”

People still don’t see blacks as leaders. It’s very frustrating

Andy Brace

Coach Chorley, despite it all, keeps his faith: Through the ‘Black Footballers Partnership’, we have a voice. I feel there is now reason for optimism and hope.” We hope this is true.

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