Premier League: An Arsenal player has been left quadriplegic after consuming an adulterated drink on a night out

Daniel Caina 23-year-old former football player from the youth academy Arsenal who also played For the Comets, the Hemel Aces and Hemel Town who retrained as an electronics engineer, became a quadriplegic in June 2009 after a night out with his friends.

Newspaper ‘the sun’ stating that Cain drink a “rich drink”They can add something to his drink, which It caused a cardiac arrest, which caused severe consequences in his body.

Lindsey Young The publications reported that the Gunners’ friends noticed that he had a “strange color” and that he was not responding, so they quickly called an ambulance and proceeded to perform CPR.

the Paramedics managed to get Daniel Kane’s heart to beat again after 24 minutes of resuscitationbut this The brain and spinal cord have been without oxygen for a very long time.

Daniel Caine has woken up after spending 25 days in a coma

After spending 25 days in a coma, young Hemel Hempstead awakens and his cognitive function begins to recover, though his short-term memory is greatly impaired.

She said, “It was a miracle. When he woke up he couldn’t do anything, he couldn’t move, he was like a newborn, but the nurses said he was following them with his eyes, so they said someone was there.” Tracy Cain, Daniela’s mother ‘independent’.

“It’s gradually coming back and getting better all the time.”

Two and a half years later, Daniel Cain is home with his family and needs 24-hour care.

Daniel’s mom explains, “He’s coming back gradually and he’s getting better all the time. His long-term memory and his childhood stuff, he still remembers it all.” Thomas Kingsley.

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Trying to get back to walking, Daniel Caine is undergoing rehabilitation with Neurokinex, a treatment for which the family has to pay 68 euros an hour (more than 2,200 euros a month).

In order to raise money to help Daniel with his rehabilitation, the family opened a GoFund Me account.

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