Premier League: Alexander-Arnold completes his transformation: “I really enjoy playing in the middle”

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool, 1998) tanned his skin. His extraordinary striking and the doubts he left in defense was a right-back They could cause him to advance with his location to the “engine room”.

“It’s something new…but I like it a lot”

Junior Club is seriously considering giving Gareth Southgate’s invention a continuation. ‘TAA’ even wore 10th for England in wins against Malta (0-4), scoring a goal and Macedonia (7-0). “It’s something new for me. [jugar de mediocampista]But I had a lot of fun. I really like to play ah And I find myself in certain situations.

“Trent is better than all the midfielders there are in England. He can do everything Rice does, and besides, he can pass like Thiago Alcantara. If I were Jurgen Klopp, I would buy a right-back and move Trent into midfield.” Dean Saunders, formerly of Liverpool, confirmed.

The idea was not rejected by Klopp the first time Southgate tried it against Andorra in 2021. “Why would I put the best right-back in the world as a midfielder? I don’t understand it. As if the right-back position is as important as the others, ”said the“ pool ”coach.

Why bring back the best player in the world as a midfielder? I do not understand. As if the right-back position wasn’t as important as the others.

jrgen klopp

However, Klopp knew how to say ‘I say where Diego said’. Alexander-Arnold finished the season as a “pseudo-right-back” playing inside in the style of Philipp Lahm for Guardiola at Bayern.

“This slightly more advanced role suits him well. It’s a challenge for everyone else to cover space when we lose the ballBut with him in midfield we didn’t lose a lot of balls,” admitted Klopp after his impressive game at Elland Road.

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The “release him” formula worked. The number “2” of Liverpool concluded the season with a goal and nine assists. Well, seven out of his nine assists have come in his last 10 Premier League matchescoinciding with his “jump” to midfield.

Heatmap of Alexander-Arnold playing as a right-back (left) and a ‘false midfielder’ (right). Source: comparison.

The numbers reflect their “boom”. Alexander-Arnold, in the last 10 games, is the premier soccer player who Most assists (7) distributed, one Most assists (503) he made in the field of competitorsthe person who entered the most times In contact with the ball (1,073)the second player who Step on the area more times (116) With control of the ball and The second largest number recovered the ball (80).

Alexander-Arnold’s attacking numbers per 90 minutes as a midfielder (left) and as a LTD player (right). Source: comparison.

90 assists distributed by Alexander-Arnold as a midfielder (left) and as a LTD player (right). Source: comparison.

Alexander-Arnold’s defensive figures of 90 minutes as a midfielder (left) and as an LTD player (right). Source: comparison.

And now he is preparing for what will be, a priori, his final transformation. “It’s not my decision. I play where they tell me and I enjoy it: either as a right-back or in midfield,” Get to know Sky Sports.

However, he smiled when asked about the possibility of forming a centre-back trio alongside newcomers Alexis McAllister and Dominic Zuboszlay. “They are dream players. I’m happy in the middle. I’d like to be able to play there next season…but it’s not my decision.”. Alexander-Arnold version 2.0 is available here.

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