Premier League: A Manchester star eats grass at Old Trafford: “I do it every time…

Patrick EvraCode Manchester UnitedThey ate grass at Old Trafford during a live TV broadcast.

The 41-year-old former French footballer, who played for Manchester United between 2006 and 2014, got a taste of the grass at Old Trafford in Amazon Prime TV’s video preview of the match Manchester United ended up winning 2-0 at Tottenham.

Former football player Thierry HenrySpanish coach Robert Martinez and the presenter Gaby Logan They were surprised when Evra cut the grass and ate it.

Of course, every time I come here, I always do. Do you know Gabe? I always try cannabis

Patrick Evra

“This is my house, I call it home. It’s a little windy, but don’t worry guys, I asked someone to turn off the air conditioner. And yes, of course, every time I come here I always do it. You said Evra before you bend down, grab the grass and eat.” Grass, do you know, Gabe?

It contains a little garlic but it tastes the same. But yes, this is my house and bon appetit

Patrick Evra

“Yes, it has a little garlic but it tastes the same. But yes, this is my home and our good appetite,” joked the French winger, who won 5 Premier League titles and his first Champions League with Manchester United, making his teammates laugh. . .

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