Premier League: A ‘highly organized criminal gang’ poses a real threat to Chelsea stars

And thenewspaper ‘the sun’ reports Raheem Sterling It was the “fourth star of Chelsea You are being robbed by a highly organized criminal gang.

“It is feared that a highly organized criminal gang is targeting the club’s wealthy.”Publish Richard MoriartyAnd the Nick ParkerAnd the Robin Berry s Paul Sims In a British tabloid.

The Chelsea striker had to He left England’s focus in Qatar during the World Cup After finding out His house has been robbed by armed robbers with his family inside.

In the robbery, which the Surrey Police are investigating, they took more than 350,000 euros worth of watches and jewellery.

Sterling set a condition for returning to Qatar To play for England in the World Cup: “There’s no way I’m going anywhere unless my family is 100% safe.”

The British press is taking notice Another footballer who was a victim of this gang is Reece James in September 2021.

The names of the other affected Chelsea players have not been released.

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