PP and several government partners are asking Sanchez to reduce VAT in the cart

Popular figures suggest temporarily extending the 4% tax on foodstuffs to alleviate the situation of households

Several amendments to the budgets propose reducing the tax burden on food products in the face of rising prices

Deputy Minister of Economy of the People’s Party, Juan Bravo

With the indicator that measures the increase in the price of the shopping basket, the consumer price index for the food and non-alcoholic beverages group jumped by 15.4% and the food item showed a rise of 15.8% compared to twelve months ago, Deputy Secretary for Economics at PP, John BravoYesterday, he again insisted on Al-Shaabi’s proposal to reduce the value-added tax in order to alleviate the conditions of families and return part of the additional collection that the state coffers receive due to inflation.

PP raises Temporarily extending the menu A much reduced rate of 4% applies, which currently includes only bread, flour, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and other widely consumed food products.

They are not the only ones who are in this key. Amendments raised by BNG, ERC or PDeCAT also suggest extending the application of this reduced rate to more foods.

In the case of BNG, the idea is to apply it to fisheries and livestock products with the dual aim of lowering their prices and giving a boost to the agricultural sector; The ERC proposal includes permanent recognition of the 4% limit for all celiac diet products; While the PDeCAT calls for the temporary circular to implement the deeply reduced value-added tax rate For all of the most popular foods through March 31, 2023 to avoid blow inflation.

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