Poor diet is behind 70% of new cases of type 2 diabetes

Seven out of ten new cases of type 2 diabetes are linked to poor eating habits. So This was confirmed by a study recently published in the journal nature medicine, which analyzed dietary intakes in 184 countries between 1990 and 2018. The data allowed us to determine this last year Diet is implicated in 14.1 million cases of this pathology worldwidewhich accounted for 70.3% of new diagnoses. This analysis confirms what we have been thinking for a long time. next to, Overweight and obesity are increasing over the years. Therefore, it is normal for the number of diabetics to increase. Dr. Rodrigo Bahamodis, Endocrinologist and Nutritionist at Vitas Hospital Palm.

The research, developed by scientists from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in the US, indicates that Excessive consumption of refined rice and wheat, along with low intake of whole grains, may be one of the most important dietary factors leading to type 2 diabetes worldwide. next to, Puts carbohydrate quality in an area of ​​immediate concern. Other products that are in the spotlight are sugary drinks and processed meats.

More calories

The Western diet is based on eating a lot of carbohydrates. Some examples are given Bread, rice and pasta. It should be taken into account that if these foods are eaten frequently, we will provide our body with an excess of calories that will translate into weight gain,” warns the doctor from the aforementioned center in the capital. Does this mean they should be removed from the cart? According to the professional, no. “We just have to take them Immediately. The important thing is to keep in mind the food pyramid and that our diet is based on healthy products“, It is clear.

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but, There are other factors that contribute to the development of this disease.. One of them is the ageDr.. “Over the years, more fat builds up in our bodies, which increases insulin resistance, which is the root of type 2 diabetes,” explains Dr. Bahmonds.

To this add the family background And in the case of women, the reality of suffering Polycystic ovary syndrome. because? The fact is that this condition raises androgen levels, which can lead to insulin resistance. “This is an important risk factor, but it does not mean that all women with PCOS will end up developing diabetes,” says the health worker.

The Canary Islands is the region with the highest prevalence of diabetes, at 8.63%.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and is characterized by elevated blood sugar levels.. It differs from type 1 diabetes precisely because The origin is insulin resistancealthough initially it is the pancreas that cannot secrete this hormone as a result of an attack by the immune system itself.

Moreover, type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease that cannot be prevented, while type 2 can not only be prevented through healthy lifestyle habits, but can also be reversed. “It usually becomes chronic because patients do not achieve goals. However, with good diet and exercise, the problem can be corrected,” says the health worker.

In reality, The basis of treatment is the modification of eating habits and the avoidance of a sedentary lifestyle. In this way, body fat can be reduced and blood sugar levels can be regulated. “When these measures do not have the expected effect, we supplement them with drug therapy,” says the endocrinologist. “In the beginning, the usual thing is management MetforminIt is a drug that lowers glucose levels and has very few side effects.”

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In addition, There are glycemic drugs that help patients lose weight and get rid of glucose through the urine. “In the last years Other GLP-1 analogue drugs have also appeared Gastrointestinal hormone – placed under the skin. Not only do these make people more satisfied and appetite less, but they also reduce sugar levels,” Rodrigo Bahamonds details.

Based on the latest data released by the Ministry of Health in Canary Islands GovernmentThe islands have 198,959 patients with some type of diabetes, of which 50.17% are men and 49.83% are women.. Based on information handled by the Primary Care Clinical Database, The archipelago is the region with the highest prevalence of this pathologyby 8.63%. It is followed by Murcia with 7.89% and Andalusia with 7.13%.

A preventable disease

A scientific team has developed a formula, through a blood test, to detect if a person follows a Mediterranean diet, and the results show that this type of diet can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes more than previously thought.. The description of these new biomarkers that can help measure adherence to the Mediterranean diet was published in the journal PLOS Medicine, in an article led by Jacob Sobiecki of the University of Cambridge, UK. Previous research has shown that people who report following a Mediterranean diet have a slightly lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, however, the subjectivity of self-assessment is a critical factor, adding to the uncertainty. To date, the potential relationship between the Mediterranean diet and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes has not been evaluated using objective biomarkers. – Vital signs – compliance with the diet. | efe

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