Polwart defends the “immaculate conduct” of the police during protests in Peru

The President apologizes for the victims and reiterates that she will not resign

President Dina Bolowart, upon arrival at the press conference on Tuesday EFE
Paula Ugas

President of Peru Dina PolwartAnd the police defended, on Tuesday, that, since assuming power, they had contained the protests, which left a tally of 62 dead as of yesterday. “They are protecting the lives and peace of mind of 33 million Peruvians,” he said at a news conference with foreign correspondents. Police forces operate within protocol and the law that protects them. He stressed that violence cannot create spaces in which the lives of Peruvians are endangered.” He added that the National Police had “pure actions, they resisted violence, they were beaten. Nobody comes out with sticks longer than two meters to beat the police. The president wanted to make it clear that “Puno (where the events were most violent) is not Peru… The international press must declare that the government does not breed violence, that the government wants peace and unity.”

In a scenario in which protests have not stopped since he assumed the presidency last December – this Tuesday they repeated themselves to demand his resignation and electoral advancement – Boulwart asked “national truce” Because it caused the closure of the land entrance to the Amazonian province of Madre de Dios, on the border with Brazil, where the chemicals needed to make the citizens’ water safe to drink had not yet arrived.

In turn, he confirmed that he would not resign from his position: “Not only are they asking for that, but they are asking for my resignation and the reconstitution of the board of directors. They are generating crisis after crisis.” […] Resignation, early elections, after what will they ask? Boulwart wondered. They are not encouraged by anything other than creating chaos.

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electoral progress

On the other hand, this Tuesday Congress approved the second legislature that will open on February 15, in which the election progress to April 2024 must be confirmed, with 87 members of Congress voting in favor. That in Congress, with responsibility and from that point of view the country should be seen, they will have to vote for early elections. “I have no doubt,” said the chief. I will leave the moment you members of Congress vote and call us from the executive branch for a general election. Nobody wants to stay in power, and I have no intention of staying on as president beyond what we determined before the election.”

The President of the Republic apologized for the second time for the victims during the protests and for the Police enter San Marcos University Where 193 people have been arrested, they have already been released.

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