Politicians who won the lottery | The Luckiest Politicians: They Won the Christmas Lottery Once (or Many)

shortly after its inception Christmas lottery draw 2022, Let’s talk about luck among different users. Obviously winning “El Gordo” or other awards is All this is a fantasy of millions of people Who buy tenths every year with the greatest fantasies. Despite this, we can highlight Various personalities from the world of politics managed to win the Christmas lottery prize.

There are some people who, because Gambling regulation law, they cannot participate in the special draw of the Christmas lottery. Among those People under the age of 18 and people with a “gambling addiction”.

The Christmas lottery 2022 It is coming to an end. Every day there is less for him Expected December 22nd. Although it is not known, there are certain people who are forbidden to participate in this raffle, which results in the possibility of winning the predicted birthday “Gordo” running out.

As you can imagine the vast majority, not only Under 18 years old Those who will not be able to get a tenth, since it must be remembered that to get one of these numbers, you need to be Adult. For this reason, parents or legal guardians are the ones can be done with the tenthOR (if granted, said number can only be collected by a person of legal age). In addition to minors, there is another group of people who will not be able to participate in the said lottery as well.

under Gambling Regulation Law No. 13/2011which organizes participation in games of chance, includes other profiles that could not be part of the most anticipated events of the year by the Spaniards.

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Can’t participate

Apart from minors, they will not be able to participate in the said draw:

  • people that They are not trained legal (gambling addict)

  • managers Lottery and state gambling and their relativesup to the second degree of kinship

  • Members of the National Games Committee or persons who are part of the towing organization

Politicians who “won” the lottery

Jose Antonio Roca won In 15 years a total 50 big lottery prizes. However, what seemed impossible could have happened. Stated by researchers who estimated Rocca’s choices in terms of probability, he had a 1 in 43 quadrillion chance of being lucky in the game he declared he owned. One chance in 43 quadrillion to tell the truth.

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Roca ended up admitting to a judge that he had bought €646,000 worth of lottery tickets. His explanations were superficial and did not go beyond an admission of his intention not to pay taxes.

Carlos Fabra He won the lottery on at least four occasions. The history of lottery-winning politicians is a classic of Christmas journalism on the verge of disappearing, given that from 2013 the prizes will start paying out 20% for amounts over €2,500.

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