Polish police rule out that Julia Faustina is Madeleine McCann

In recent weeks, Julia Faustina, a 21-year-old Polish girl, has claimed on her social media that she could be Madeline McCannThe British girl who disappeared in 2007 in Portugal.

A week after the case hit the media, the Wroclaw County Police did Ignore this versionAccording to information published by the Polish media ‘Gazeta’.

The young woman aroused a lot of interest because of some physical resemblance to the missing girl, such as a mark on the little girl’s eye, and that She herself took it upon herself to publish. Under the Instagram profile @iammadeleinemccan, he has been sharing photos in which he proposes this theory.

The aforementioned outlet includes statements by Pawe Noga, from the Wroclaw County Police Headquarters, in which he states that “activities are ongoing, but The veracity of this version can already be ruled out». In addition, the media reported that the girl’s family provided documents such as the girl’s birth certificate.

He claims it is Madeleine McCann

Since she started posting on social media, her account has not stopped gaining followers. He even asked to be able to speak with the missing girl’s parents and be able to Take a DNA test to confirm your suspicions.

However, the Greater London Police do not give credence to Julia Faustina either. In addition, many suspected this version when the girl was 21 years old, when Madeleine Today should be the 19th. She defends herself against the accusations, arguing that they could have been falsified.

Julia Faustina, with an unclear past, is not the only woman who at this time claimed to be Madeleine. For now, the Polish woman continues to share pictures and photos in her attempt to prove she is the British girl while waiting for the official investigation to conclude.

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