Poetry Day | García Lorca’s poems reach the Caja de las Letras

The first book of poems by Federico García Lorca, “Impressions and Landscapes” (1918), and a copy of his “Songs” (1927), with dedication and drawing by the author from Granada, They have been held since Tuesday. world poetry day, in the letterbox.

The deposit of this legacy, made by the niece of Federico García Lorca – president of the foundation that bears the name of the Granada author – in the old vault of the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in Madrid, was one of the events organized to celebrate this World Poetry Day It is celebrated every March 21st Since it was approved by UNESCO in 1999.

Accompanied by the Director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero, and the General Director of Books, María José Gálvez, Laura García Lorca highlighted, along with two works by the poet deposited in the Caja de las Letras, which they are “very important”He wanted to inherit other people close to him and his family who played a prominent role in publishing his works after his murder.

Thus, he left the first edition of the work of Fernando de los Rios, who taught part of the García Lorca family and whom the poet accompanied in 1929 to New York for one year.

She also included a book of poems by her grandmother, Gloria Jenner de los Rios (both families became related when Laura de los Rios Jenner married Francisco García Lorca in 1942), as well as a work written by her mother. I found it for future Spanish teachers called “The Peaks of Spanish Civilization.”And another of his father’s poems, written in exile, was discovered upon his death in 1976.

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The director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero, expressed his feeling of having received in Caja de las Letras the legacy of such an important author of culture and politics, together with Miguel de Cervantes, the most important international reference points for the Spanish language. literary culture.

To highlight the role of García Lorca A “fundamental and living heritage” of cultureCervantes’ manager deposited in the safe deposit box a handwritten copy of 1703 that the Foundation had ordered from 20 “El Diván de Tamarit” poets in such a way that each of them, from Luis Alberto de Cuenca to Mario Obrero, had handwritten some of his verses.

Some of the poems that Madrid high school students later read at Cervantes’ residence, which also staged a literary show in the various co-official languages ​​at the Teatro de La Abadía, celebrating the diversity and richness of Spanish poetry written in its various languages, starring Leire Bilbao (Basque), Alba Cid (Galician), Ángeles Gregory (Catalan) and Mario Obrero (Spanish).

Another initiative organized for this day was that of the OÓpera Prima publishing house, which asked citizens to send in poems “For peace” And “against the war” For an anthology due to be published next fall, Poetry Village 7. No to War.

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Penguin Random House Publishing Group celebrates this day with the release of the second edition of Ponle Poética, which “It seeks to amplify the concept of poetry and to investigate the existence of poetry in other realities such as the Internet.”whose programs include Rodrigo Cortés, Rey Loriga, Antonio Lucas, Letizia Sala, Raiden and Pau Roca who will speak with Lara Hermoso, Diego Doncel and Fernando Navarro.

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Precisely from social networks, TikTok recalled how it gives voice to all those poets who share their verses with the public from this platform which, as it confirms, found “new dimension” Because it “allows the community to engage and experience literature in a unique and innovative way, while being inspired by enriching content through the universal language of video.”

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