Podemos exploits legal loophole in effort to upgrade 7,500 cabinet technicians quickly and without scrutiny

The Public Service Bill included a controversial seventh additional clause according to it The government gives itself a grace period of six months to be able to handle the matter as it pleases Internal restructuring of state administration employees as it deems appropriate without the need for any legislative support. The Unidas Podemos parliamentary group took advantage of the opportunity opened by the Ministry of Finance to try to fulfill a long-standing commitment with state treasury technicians and promote their direct promotion by amending the law and without the need for any examination. …to the establishment of the supreme body for the administration of the state, with the improvement of the responsibilities and wages that this entails.

Podemos introduced an amendment to this additional provision proposing to abolish the current body of treasury technicians and establish a new higher body of technicians from the Ministry of Finance, Audit, Accounting and Survey Management, with a group of levels A1 and A2, i.e. within the scope of administration management, taking advantage of the margin of maneuver for a period Six months to reorganize the workforce in the country without any legal authorization.

Movement will open the door to About 7,500 treasury technicians have attained the status of senior officials Without having to overcome the pressing opposition that is necessary today to reach that level of administration, where the state treasury inspectors are.

This promotion is aThe ancient aspiration of the Gestha Federation, the most representative body of cabinet technicians, which argues that technicians perform de facto Jobs similar to those of Treasury Inspectors and that this functional affinity must be recognized within management standards.

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The claim of the Community was echoed from the outset by Unidas Podemos, which on various occasions attempted, through adjustments to public state budgets, to enable the reconfiguration of the Community as the supreme body of State administration.

expected movement

The support he found in Unidas Podemos was just as strong The rejection generated by the movement between the higher bodies And individually between the Association of State Treasury Inspectors, which interpreted from the beginning this additional seventh clause as an open door to implement this movement that United Podemos now wants to implement and which, according to the inspectors, may lead to the politicization of the state tax administration.

In fact, the amendments by Ciudadanos and other parliamentary groups propose deleting this seventh additional provision, which allows the government to evade for six months the obligation to support any creation or abolition of civil servant bodies with a rule.

Besides this amendment, which promises to reopen the internal conflict between the bodies of inspectors of the Treasury and the technicians of the State Treasury, the PSOE and Unidas Podemos have agreed on an amendment to add a little transparency to the process of appointing trust positions, so that the appointment can continue by free appointment but this is at least It should be the subject of a public call All who meet the requirements for the position they are seeking to fill may apply freely.

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