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Social networks are the engine of communication in our society and are capable of spreading any of them moment, person or anecdote. Within seconds like networks TikTok or Instagram They have the power to turn a photo or video into a post that gets millions of likes and views. This is what happened with the new Primark product that revolutionized networking.

New product at Primark

Obviously there are many Kids Games that became direction Among children and adolescents: Barbie, cars, soft toys, all these toys have been loved for a long time. But with the passage of time, these ways of entertainment changed to evolve into games in various forms such as the famous funkos. for this reason, Primark She didn’t want to be left behind and wanted to innovate one of her divisions with this new product: Disney’s Minnie Funkos

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User @kattylakatrina has uploaded a video on her Tiktok account of her teaching and showing her followers this new product: Disney funkos. The user also appears in her account there eight models Available from different princesses: Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Merida and Tiana. “They gave me my dear Pocahontas. I was happy to see what was included in the set when they would normally leave it out,” says one user.

Although other users They complained Because they missed a princess: “I got them all except Rapunzel, who wasn’t there.” Meanwhile, another @midiariodisney user uploaded a video explaining that not only did Primark want to show off the world of Dieny but that now there are other collections of funkos like the one in My Hero Academia, Jurassic, and Mandalorian.

midiarioDisney Funkos returns to Primark! Remember, these are the little pics you can get in the mystery boxes, but Primark’s “exclusives” sell them showcasing the product, so it’s perfect if you need to complete the collection #mysteryminis #funkomysterymini #primarkfinds #primarkdisney #primarkespaña #primarkhaul #funkoexclusive # disneytiktok #myheroacademia #onepiece #grneyogu #poodlegroa
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