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Plants are highly appreciated for various reasons, from purely aesthetic to economic. Today we will talk to you about one of the most popular plants todayWasabi plant (Wasabia japonica or Eutrema japonicum). This vegetable is native to Japan and grows along the banks of streams and rivers. However, it can also be grown in a pot or in a garden if it receives the necessary care.

What is wasabi?

Wasabi is a plant of the same plant A family of horseradish and mustard This is why it is also known as Japanese radish. Its stem is widely used in gastronomy and makes this plant highly valued in the market. It is used in very small amounts as a supplement to sushi and is very spicy.

How much is the wasabi plant worth?

the Wasabi factory She is undoubtedly one of the The most expensive on the market Especially the stem, which is the part used in gastronomy. A kilo of this part can reach 150 euros if you buy in bulk and much more if you buy in small quantities.

Right off the bat, buying the wasabi plant (and not just the stem for culinary use) is incredibly expensive. You get one A bowl is about 30 euros. Then you have to be very careful when it comes to its maintenance to make it thrive and tomorrow you have little ones you can plant and thus get many of these plants in the house

How long does it take for wasabi to grow?

The wasabi plant is slow growing and requires a lot of patience. need at least 2 years from the time of transplantation so it can be collected.

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Although the most valuable of this plant is the stem, You can benefit from everything From roots to leaves and flowers.

How to grow wasabi at home

If you decide to grow wasabi at home, you should know what it is One of the hardest plants to grow So arm yourself with patience.

Wasabi needs a moist environment and temperature without sudden and moderate changes. The ideal temperature for its cultivation isbetween 12 and 15 degreess with sufficient moisture. The best way to achieve the right conditions for wasabi to grow is to use a greenhouse that allows you to control the temperature.

You should put the greenhouse for wasabi in a file shaded area Because it does not tolerate sunlight well. Ideally, it should be protected from the sun by other, taller plants, just as it would in its natural environment.

land where you go Wasabi planting It should consist of a mixture of organic fertilizer and one rich in sulfur. The soil should have a pH between 6 and 7 and have good drainage so that the plant is always moist but not drowned. Once you have everything you need ready, you can proceed to Plant wasabi.

If you want to sow the seeds directly, you should keep them moist for a day or two before planting. The night before planting, put them in a bowl and cover with distilled water. Leave the seeds to soak overnight, as this will help them germinate better. In the morning, place the seeds in the soil and press down gently.

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How to care for wasabi plants

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Once you plant a file Wasabi seeds It must always keep it moist, just like the earth, but without flooding it. It is best to spray the plant with fresh water, imitating how water would work from a stream if the plant was found in nature.

Due to the large amount of water it is always surrounded by, wasabi is susceptible to diseases such as fungus. You should also keep the area where it is planted clean wasabi And uproot the rest of the weeds that are born.

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