Planeta Award: Anna Wintour’s Nap or Tantrum

A leading pillar in the sacred cultural industry, an almost paradoxical paradox is very useful to give you a VIP card in a fashion club if you’re a content creator for a platform as it is for L’Hospitalet City Council to listen to an IIF who wants to do something like a museum, who knows What, in the old Godó i Trias factory and heritage, the same investment fund to make things worse that came out of the Hermitage franchise adventure in Barcelona; The leading pillar of the culture industry, the Planet Prize You’ll sleep or cause a fit of rage by Anna WintourEditor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. If one thing can be guaranteed, it is that the prize does not live on magic. Although who needs magic when you give 1 million euros to the winner and 200,000 to the final.

The stopwatch is in hand, the scribe was the first to arrive Rosa Ribas. Soon it came, in fact. Very cool with his sneakers and backpack. It turns out that in her first guest appearance, last year, she found an American guide to get to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) with King’s help. And it was late, late for dinner. Yesterday it would not have happened. “Gives me a little trouble being first, but I had a hard time being late in 2021”, he said as he prepared to wait a long time for the aperitif to begin. On the way to MNAC, he came across the Oktoberfest in the Fira Pavilion, which, as he reported after years of living in Germany, is celebrated in September in Bavaria.

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In fact, there was a “final picture”: Louis Passat came sexy in Ribas’ heels.

arms crossed

It didn’t take long either. Start the show through the “caller picture”. The clasped arms and clenched hands in the queue made it clear that not everyone was as comfortable in their clothes as Ribas. Among the men, there was a dictatorship of the navy blue suit, so much so that two blue suits attracted attention.

For low-ranking attendees, there was a photo self-service: A base with a replica of the award from which a selfie can be taken.

Aperitif, we said: bites that are eaten without knowing what, choosing, or drinking one by one, Cabernet Sauvignon from Coster del Segre, Albarino from Rias Baixas and Cava from Bendes. Galicia won by a landslide.

and the DinnerPairing: lobster salad, cherry tomato confit, sour apple and watercress emulsion; Roasted Sea Bass with Citrus Meunier, Vegetarian Chess Board, and Sweet Potato Bakery; Apple tatin, cream vanilla and lemon compote. Definitely: coffee and four small pieces. List served by Simon.

no hijab

Mariana Enriquez was a member of the jury at the Sitges Film Festival, which ended yesterday. there was Hope among the youth (in her forties) that the author of ‘Nuestra parte de noche’ fell in love with MNAC, if only to avoid Wintour’s gesture or tantrum as one of her engravings flashed. Not so.

The 71st Planeta Award Ceremony was presided over by the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz. Besides her, on behalf of the central government, the Ministers of Education, Pilar Allegria; culture and sports, Mikel Isita and the Universities Joan Subirats.

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In addition, Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, and Minister of Culture of General Catalonia Natalia Garriga, as well as her counterpart from Madrid, writer Marta Rivera de la Cruz, attended.

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