Pique’s reaction to Shakira’s upcoming song

It’s the topic of the day, it could become the topic of the year, and be careful, it doesn’t become a landmark event. session Shakira With strange, which was released last Wednesday night, was an unprecedented viral bomb. The song, in which the Colombian “sings 40” to her ex-partner, soccer player Gerard Pique, has already garnered more than 45 million views on YouTube and Spotify. The reactions were flooded with networks, media, social gatherings, WhatsApp groups, elevator conversations all day long… No one wanted to get away from the garlic of the issue reinventing the concept of a fashion theme. Except, it would seem, the main thing that I alluded to.

If yesterday’s release of the song generated great anticipation, with everyone wondering whether or not he’ll be there in the end.”MeatAgainst Pique – and what if there was -, the interest today is no less than the potential reaction of the former Barcelona player. However, the footballer is giving signs of not wanting to be involved, at least for the time being, and has limited himself to posting a short, potentially controversial tweet about the Kings League.

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Tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., Chop Chop @tweet With all the bosses life can be great. Pique wrote, accompanied by a symbol of the clown. A message with little hookah compared to what he experienced during the rest of the day. Of course, in the case of Pique, some finishing touches in the next few hours, or a hidden message that has not yet been decoded, should not be ruled out.

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Meanwhile, Shakira is making money

Waiting for a possible reaction from her ex-partner, Shakira honored the lyrics to her song, with the song “Women Don’t Cry Anymore, Belle’s Women”. According to ‘Activus’, the trinity of Colombian songs about their separation (I congratulate you, monotony and the BZRP Music Session #53), based on the copies they have collected on Spotify and YouTube, and based on what these platforms pay for each visualization, Shakira has already “paid” nearly 21 million euros in income.

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