Pippa Salazar, Motomami’s costume designer

Rosalia knows this very well: Pippa Salazar he ‘Motomami More than that, the woman who defines style, which is why she is behind many of her “looks”. the Valencian designer (1990) He studied pattern making and sewing courses at the Isabel Sánchez School to obtain the necessary technical training, as well as at the European Institute of Design, and later worked on the creative team of Louie. She was only 23 years old when she launched her first collection at Madrid Fashion Week. It made an impact: he was awarded the Mercedes-Benz Young Talent Award. At the age of 24, he won it again, and in its third edition, he was awarded the Samsung Ego Innovation Project Award.

But in addition to these accolades, he also managed to sell to the American company the inaugural Opening Ceremony.

although largest width So far it has been created Part of the outfit Rosalía wore on her “Motomami World Tour”, and his voice Live show in Tik Tok (One of the most watched events on the Gen Z Domination platform).

him they Simplistic conceptual designs, where ultra-flattering dresses with sheerness, XXL boots and platforms reign supreme.. Nathi FluffyAitana or Kim Kardashian They’ve worn their designs before but when Rosalia puts them on, the madness erupts. Well, that’s right, she’s been repeating the experiment, because she actually dressed her up in a video “I swear that”.

During the tour, last summer, presentations of new clothes by the designer were presented at shows such as those in Seville or Dusseldorf, as well as Iconic helmet piece with ears. Butterflies also flutter from the singer’s tour of Sant Esteve Sesrovires on Salazar’s website: In her home listing, the designer herself is shown from behind with this winged insect.

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Shortly before attending a meeting in Barcelona, ​​it was a session “Trobades amb…” organized by CaixaForumWe spoke with Creator One of the most popular fashions in recent years:

-At home they are doctors, where did the fashion problem come from? When did you see that you obviously wanted to dedicate yourself to this?

-I think when I was able to go deeper into fashion. I stopped seeing it as a superficial thing to wear and became more interested in its ability to convey concepts and create images through aesthetics.

WhatWho are the designers that you admire?

– Depends on the moment I find myself feeling more identified with one language or another. In my opinion, it is important to have an accepting and open attitude towards any stimulus because you literally learn from everything.

“I stopped seeing fashion as something superficial to wear and became more interested in its ability to convey concepts and create images through aesthetics.”

-Are you one of those designers who control the whole process, pulling, cutting and stitching the last button?

I don’t know of any other way to do this. The design process is long, it is not just the idea in your head but also how you implement it.

It’s been 10 years since her first major victory for the first edition of the Mercedes-Benz fashion talent. What does it mean to you?

Winning Fashion Talent was a boost to continue the brand. At first I had no intention of owning my own brand, but after the awards I went on a stalemate.

What did Pippa Salazar think at the time she could contribute to the world of fashion?

– At that time I had no intention of building a brand, but of developing my work in a very pure and technical way, because that was my job as a designer. Now, after owning a brand, the dialogue is no longer with itself.

Have you seen yourself designing for the artists of the moment like Rosalía, Aitana, Nathy Peluso, and international celebrities like Kim Kardashian?

I tend not to fantasize. But I was very fortunate to have been able to live all of those experiences.

Why do you think such diverse artists would want to wear your designs?

I suppose it’s because they feel compatible with rhetoric and aesthetics.

– What was it like working on creating the clothes that Rosalia wore on the Motomami World Tour and presenting them on TikTok?

– It was a job that I really enjoyed, and had complete freedom when creating the pieces and the ‘look’ for them and the dancers. Also, I love being able to do things beyond clothing like a helmet with ears.

“My language is recognizable, although I do not consider that we are still among the common people”

– These works of these artists were their best publicity campaign, I think.

– They’re obviously in good shape, but then having the opportunity to be involved in a big project like wardrobe on tour, a video, etc. is very motivating, and a completely different process than group development.

Does it make you more money or give you more freedom working with celebrities than presenting collections on catwalks?

– Every season we present a collection because for us the focus is on the product. We focus more on selling in stores and continuing product development than fashion shows, but all communication tools are essential.

-What will be next?

It’s coming out in May, and I really want to show it.

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– Do you think your clothes have already reached a level that can be recognized by the general public?

– My language is recognizable, although I do not consider that we are still among the common people. It’s something more specialized.

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