Pioneers’ Parade on Friday | Freeform style: “Fashion continues to ignore people with disabilities”

“Our brand was born out of family history and need.” This is the DNA of the brand Freeform stylethe first comprehensive fashion label in Spain that will also present, for the first time, at Fashion Week, it will be in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. The appointment is next Friday but before its founders, the designer and fashion journalist, Marina Vergesand his cousin, Caroline Asensiotwo passionate entrepreneurs, tell us their story and why their venture is so important.” Giving dignity to all bodiesand this fashion serves everyone, so that we are all beautiful and healthy, and thus raise our self-esteem.

several years ago Carolina’s brother Jose Luis suffered a stroke Which left him with a handicap of 80%. He was almost always in a tracksuit, and there wasn’t much to choose from, they remembered. So they themselves adjust the trousers. “He looked so handsome that it touched our souls, and we thought of starting a company Appropriate, sustainable and high quality apparelthey explain.

The workshop is in Mataro. In fact, it is Carolina’s husband’s workshop that makes canopies and awnings. “We squat there,” they laugh. “We only started a year before the pandemic, and we only had our big break when we started having our first clients — they call Marina —. We saw a boy on TV3 and he asked us for adaptive pants. He had some irons that were past his bone, and he needed something special. And he gave us time to send it to him.”

Variety of clothes

Adapted pantswith zippers from top to bottom, which opens completely, has many functions and is the star garment of the Freeform style, the catalog of which is all available “online”. “Customer chooses a pair of pants, skirt, T-shirt or robe and we customize it”Verges says. Because it is not the same if a person is in a wheelchair, uses a prosthesis, needs a probe or is on crutches.

From his own experience and from the clients’ needs arises the creative process that makes up the collection, which has recently been expanded with the ‘denim’ bodysuit, eye patch, and Used as an apron. “A lot of people when it comes to going to restaurants, or even having a family meal, don’t want to wear an apron, because it’s humiliating,” says Carolina. “But sometimes they need it because they can’t take cutlery well, and food falls on them – Marina explains -. That’s why we made this kind of jacket out of waterproof fabric, and it’s very nice.”

Lots of young clients

A lot of her clients are young men, who want to look good, dressed according to the trends. Had a stroke or amputation as a result of a traffic accident, for example, but they “want to continue wearing fashion, not clothes from older brands,” says the designer. At his company, they use plenty of 100% cotton that sweats well, quality zippers, hooks, and magnet trimmings, “so that putting on the shirt isn’t a problem for those who wear or need to wear it.”

They believed in their project from the start, knowing that more and more brands would join the bandwagon and adapt their designs to all body types. “At London Fashion Week, for example, there were really comprehensive fashion shows British “Vogue” released five covers with supermodels inability. We are not in this article, “But we will be there soon!” Marina says. Her cousin concludes, “We dreamed of walking in the 080 Parade in Barcelona, ​​but we really do dream about New York and Paris.”

With Manuel Bolano

They spent a few years explaining their project, so What is necessary to make conditioned fashion visible, And finally, in collaboration with the designer Manuel Bolano They have made their dream come true. “We haven’t been able to walk the catwalk with the basic clothes we have yet. If we’re going to walk the catwalk, we need it to be really ‘fashionable’. The good thing is that we’ll also sell designs later, even if it’s in other fabrics or simpler colors,” Marin offers. . to This collection is inspired by the punks and new romantics of the 80’s [“una mezcla de Sex Pistols y Duran Duran”, apunta Vergés] They have also collaborated with the famous fabric store Free and shoemaker Dr. Martins.

Bolaño made a mix of our styles and styles, as before, the fashion designer also collaborated with Free Form Style Oscar Lyon. We removed some T-shirts with slogans like “sorry I didn’t get up” in stitched fabric, ”Marina recalls.

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For the first all-out fashion show on a fashion platform like O80, they’ll have it 16 models, almost all familiar faces of the brand, having already participated in several advertising campaigns. “it will be Eight girls and eight boys. We will have Desiree VillaMadrid Olympian who has a prosthetic leg. also Sarai GasconParalympic swimming medalist from Terrassa. Mark Vidala theater actor who cooperated with us from the very beginning …, a girl who suffered a stroke while on crutches, and two young men with dwarfism.

“For everyone”

We want to make a lot of noise, This fashion is fashion, and clothes are for everyone, “the two cousins ​​said.” “I know a boy from Malaga who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair and works as a model for Nike and Adidas. If these brands are already doing it, others will follow. These models don’t just have to make ONCE ads,” claims Verges.

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