Pinky, a chihuahua who was pierced by a rake dies defending his home from marauders

Animal lovers are shocked by the tragic end Pinky, Chihuahua who became a national hero in Mexico. This little animal ended up dying, but its story has spread around the world.

The event took place in Nayarit, Mexico. Some robbers entered the family farm and the dog, trying to protect his family, tried to scare them away by barking and sounding the alarm for his family. The attackers did not take this situation very well and tried to scare the dog in the worst possible way: They ran it through the garden trowel.

Despite the severity of the attack and the resulting injuries, little Pinky survived until his family found him the next morning. They immediately called a nearby veterinary clinic, where they underwent an operation that lasted several hours. To remove the rake from the body. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the thorns of the tool passed from one side to the other, the animal survived.

One of the thorn peaks It travels from the spine to the testicleAnd one of them is a whole leg, fortunately none of these vital organs were perforated,” they say from the clinic’s official Facebook, who a few days ago were happy that Pinky had survived.

[Las imágenes pueden herir sensibilidades]

Although Pinky’s heroic performance and hard survival was great news in the country, the family announced that after weeks of fighting against the serious infection that caused his illness, he ended up dying.

Message: The family confirmed on Facebook, where the vet who also directed the treatment sent a message. Who are you?

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The dog’s attitude, at the time of the attack and later during his complex recovery, has become an example for many Mexicans, who are now mourning his death.

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