Pilots of all airlines threaten the government by calling strikes in the summer

The pilots confront the government and threaten to put Summer in trouble for the airlines. The Cipla union announced on Friday that it is considering new measures to “defend itself against the arbitrary application of minimum services by Department of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda“Highlighting” more than 15 rulings issued by the National Court, which indicate that the aforementioned application violates the constitutional right to strike for workers in the aviation sector. Among these measures, Cipla puts on the table the possibility of carrying out a nationwide strike this summer by the pilots of all airlines against the Ministry of Transport.

As he explained in a press conference of the Union Secretary, Javier Fernandez PicassoThe goal of the mobilization will be to make “the transfer reconsider and comply with the recommendations of the National Court”. In this sense, Fernandez Picasso noted, the union offered the administration to “determine a minimum level of fair and proportionate services.”

In addition, the Secretary of Cipla announced that Cipla registered the request for precautionary measures in the Disputes Chamber of the National Court for violating the constitutional right to strike due to the arbitrary application of minimum services by the Ministry of Transport in an indefinite strike that Iberia Regional Air Nostrum pilots maintain in legitimate defense about their labor rights.

Fernandez Picasso noted that this is the first time in the history of the union that these measures have been used, “led by the pilots due to the irresponsibility and constant abuses of the ministry headed by Raquel Sanchez”. They accuse the carrier of “defending the interests of the airlines against the rights of workers” and say they will no longer support “the mistreatment of this government”.

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Manuel Monino, Chief Delegate of Iberia Regional Air Nostrum, also raised his voice against Raquel Sanchez’s administration and called it “inconceivable” that the government would allow Air Nostrum to “hide behind minimal abusive services and thus avoid reaching consensus and reasonable solutions with workers.” “. For this reason, Moñino declared that if the arbitrary standard for minimum services did not change, the group would be forced to extend the days of the strike.

For Sepla’s chief delegate at the airline, this action by the Spanish government only serves to solidify the labor struggle, as evidenced by the 22-day indefinite strike by the company’s pilots. Monino faces the call for precautionary measures with optimism and trusts that justice will put an end to the ministry’s emptiness of the right to strike. And he does not rule out a new mobilization in the event that “the company continues to refuse to negotiate a fair solution to the legitimate demands of the experimental group.”

New strikes on Air Europe

Union contract now Packing in Air Europawhich started in the first days of May and will continue for another eight days between this month and the beginning of June.

In this sense, the trade union part of Air Europa during the same meeting denounced the “collusion between the directors of Air Europa and the government” to put an end to the mobilizations. They confirmed that in the first round of strikes, more than 90% of flights were declared minimum services. They list within these works “surprising cases” as the Madrid-Asuncion-Cordoba-Asuncion-Madrid flight or the Madrid-Quito-Guayaquil flight,” which seriously undermines the principle of proportionality in minimum services and shows the airline’s convenience with arbitrary applications. to the ministry,” said Cipla’s chief delegate to Air Europa, Carlos Sanchez.

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Sanchez, who asked the public administration to exercise the “neutral role it is supposed to play,” and threatens to call for new strikes in the summer “if Air Europa’s management continues to refuse to listen to the legitimate demands of workers and salaries ».

Likewise, Sanchez thanked the solidarity of the international community of pilots who, through the International Federation of Pilots’ Associations (IFAP)evalba), showed their support for the Air Europa group of pilots, and asked the airline’s management to show a willingness to start a constructive dialogue with the workers.

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