Picasso’s Sculptor: When Genius Was a Child Again

Said Picasso referring to Rodin’s famous quote (Sculpture is the art of space), this sculpture is the “Art of Intelligence”. In his case, it was the discipline of the materials that best allowed the man from Malaga to maintain his connection with the spontaneity and playfulness of that childhood from which he never wanted to part: Bernard Ruiz Picasso recounts that, sometimes, when his grandfather made outdoor sculptures, it was tennis balls falling from some of the neighboring fields; The entertaining genius ended up incorporating it into his pieces.

The Picasso Museum Malaga opened this week Picasso sculptor. Matter and bodyAnd The first great anthology in our country devoted to the sculptural side of Pablo Ruiz Picasso And it is necessary to demonstrate the great importance of this artistic system in the almost infinite artistic collection of the creator of La Merced. It is also the first major exhibition to be organized in the birthplace of the genius within the Spanish-French agenda of the Year of Picasso, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the artist’s death.until next September 10, The Palacio de Buenavista emptied its entire rooms to accommodate it 60 Sculptures By Picasso Made Between 1909 And 1964, In Almost Every Material Imaginable (Iron – cement – wood – plaster – metal – bronze … also tennis balls). cut like Our Lady of Offeringsone of the main landmarks of Picasso’s sculpture and that the artist himself wanted to present in the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris International Exhibition of 1937, although of course he was overshadowed by the enormous impact of the premiere there of what would end up being the great icon created by the Genius for the world Guernica.

And the same thing happened with the rest of his sculptural works, It almost always gets pinned in the chapter stories In considerations of criticism. Something unfair when you show how Picasso’s sculptor allows us to see how, from works like woman with leaves also woman’s head (Fernandy)For example, Malaga He was able to investigate one of his great artistic interests: the human body.

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Hence, rightfully so, Carmen Jimenez, Curator of the Temporary Museum (and, let us remember, the first director of the Picasso Museum Malaga), has chosen 100 percent sculpture gallery, with no introductory drawings or canvases in dialogue which dilute volumetric discourse. So, The spectator, and the body is also important, will be able to relate in an almost physical way, without intermediaries, to Picasso’s pieces, With hands, eyes, female busts (also a dead man’s skull), and greetings to friends and fans.

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The sculptures they made also have other purposes, say the man’s relatives from Málaga: they used to accompany him in his workshop, where, in his most intimate moments, he hardly allowed visitors to explore artistically; They were, they say, like the members of his own house, and his other relatives, with whom the genius showed a love for him with a certain possessive element: for, with few exceptions, Don Pablo hardly showed his sculptures in public (not to mention selling or loaning exhibitions)until 1965, on the occasion of his eighty-fifth birthday, and at the request of André Malrauxsome of his favorites at the French Petit Palais.

Many visitors who come to the Grand Palais to admire the paintings by a man from Malaga, then discover his amazing sculptures in the small and small space, which until then had been almost secret. If in paintings one has always been able to see a deity in full action, here, in three dimensions, one can find the child playing in the mere fact of being a child. That was the starting point for demonstrating the artist’s sculptural side, an exercise in historical justice that the Picasso Museum Málaga now joins with its new temporary face.

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Twilight pixie

An intense twilight tone invaded the media presentation Picasso sculptor. Matter and body. On the one hand, Carmen Jimenez, first director of the Picasso Museum Malaga, sat at the table, visibly moved by the memories and emotions of her return to what had been her home for so long. Then, close to José Liberrero, the current president of the art fair, who announces his departure at the end of the year. The memory of José Guirao, former Minister of Culture who died in 2022 and who was the main promoter of the Year of Picasso and also the memory of Christine Ruiz Picasso, daughter-in-law of the genius and mother of Bernard (retired at 95 years) from public life long ago): Giménez had words of thanks for the generosity The patron and the artist’s grandson could not hide his tears.

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