Philosopher Joan Carles Melisch, National Essay Award 2022

Juan Carles Melesh Sangra (Barcelona, ​​1961) National Essay Award 2022 for his work The fragility of the worlda text “deeply knowledgeable about the contemporary and brave world,” according to a jury verdict announced Friday.

The award given by Ministry of Culture and Sport20,000 euros.

According to the jury, in this work, Joan-Carles Mèlich “conducts a healthy critical exercise that reminds us that we are not the sole owners of the planet; an idea that is essential in an age like the present, where individualism is so often claimed”.

Mèlich Sangrà holds a PhD in Philosophy and Letters from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Where he works as a professor of philosophy of education.

He has published, among others, works such as Limited Philosophy (2002), ethics of mercy (2010), the logic of cruelty (2014) and Wisdom of the unknown (2019).

The jury, headed by Maria Jose Galvez SalvadorGeneral Manager for Books and Reading Promotion, and with Jesus Gonzalez Gonzalez, as Vice President, were formed from Jose Manuel Sanchez Ronby the Royal Spanish Academy; Lorenzo Fernandez Prietoby the Royal Galician Academy; Sebastian Garcia Trujillo, by the Royal Academy of the Basque Language; s Josep Vicente Buera Maikesby the Institute of Catalan Studies.

also for Maria Angelis Perez, by the Conference of Spanish Rectors of Universities (CRUE); Angel Basantaby the Collective Association of Spanish Writers (ACE); Francesca Nogueroleby the Spanish Association of Literary Critics; Carmen del Riego, by the Federation of Spanish Associations of Journalists (FAPE); Nuria Sanchezby the Institute for Feminist Research of Complutense University; Speedo Freireby the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and Ramon Emilio Andres Gonzalez CoboAwarded in 2021.

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