pets | Tired of your couch being full of hair? This is what you must do

Those who have pets suffer from it. Couch and car upholstery, among other surfaces, are magnets for animal hair. Getting rid of them is a real hell. With this trick, you will be able to solve this problem quite easily.

In this case, as with any type of cleaning, there is no single path to success. To get rid of pet hair, you can use professional and other home solutions.

In this second area, there are many home remedies that can help with the daunting task of removing animal hair. One of the most recommended things by netizens is to spray the respective upholstery with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. For its application it is recommended to spray. Once sprayed, it should be left for a few minutes, after which, it is advisable to wipe the affected area with a dry cloth.It is not the only solution that involves the use of water and other materials. Many users advise using water with ammonia. The application mode is the same as the previous one: it is better to spray it with a spray, and then wipe it with a cloth.

Other tricks are homemade

More homemade tricks: Use kitchen gloves, rubber, soaked in water. Put it on and run your hand through the hair that should stick.There are also those who suggest the use of alcoholic beverages. Specifically, the white wine they recommend applying mixed with ammonia using a brush.

In addition to these home tricks, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of uncomfortable hair. If the strength of a homemade person is not enough, You can use the ones found at gas stations and service areas, which are more powerful and cheaper.

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In any case, as it happens in all areas of cleaning, it is recommended to recommend The best way to clean is not to get dirty. Therefore, if our pets are in constant contact with upholstery and this is giving us a hair problem, perhaps the best thing to do is to cover these surfaces with some kind of covering.

If the problem is so bad that none of these tricks work, one of the best options you can take is to get the hands of a professional. Above all, in the case of cars, you can resort to car wash centers for a small price, which can range between 5 and 30 euros.

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