pets | The reason for your dog biting his tail

dogs are Pets Favorite of most pet lovers. Through their gestures, behaviors, or even actions, we can know what they want or what they think, although there are sometimes factors that evade us.

Many dogs tend to Tail bite And its owners fail to understand why. The truth is that this part of their body is one of the most expressive because the wagging tail indicates energy and happiness, and on the other hand, the tail lowered or tucked between the legs can be a sign of fear or annoyance.

The problem comes if the tail biting behavior becomes excessive and compulsive, it could be a sign of this suffering from any skin or neurological disease, May affect the sensitivity and cognition of the animal. It is important to keep it under control when dealing with health problems.

The importance of caring for your pet

Since January 1, pets are and are part of the family The law considers it another member. From now on, animals are already protected by law so that they cannot be mistreated and people who want to have one are responsible and have to take responsibility for it. There are many questions and answers about pets, from vaccinations to care or how to keep them happy.

Dogs and cats are some of the most common animals that are usually kept at home in Spain. The law now requires testing before owning a pet, a test to prove you qualify for it, Although there is a limit you can keep them in the house and they cannot be chained to the balcony or patio for too long because they could pay a fine of up to €50,000.

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the Pet health One of the biggest fears in the home is that they will not suffer or be in pain. He tells you by his behavior what his mood is like, but also know what the law says when traveling on planes, public transport or how you have to take them in the car to comply with DGT regulations and not be fined.

There are people, though animal lovers, They cannot live with them because they are allergic. There are a few ways to try to reduce the effects, but it can be difficult day in and day out. It is common in most homes in Spain to see dogs and it is essential to know what they are behaviours basics with animals within the neighborhood community. Pets are great, although you should always maintain respect for the people around you

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