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the Dogs can amuse themselves without toys, but these can greatly enrich the game. play for Our pets, allow you to strengthen the bond that connects you with your pet. Play is very healthy for dogs, because play is an aspect of them Essential in the mental and physical development of our dogs.

I’m sure you will at some point dog Hectare I played tenniswhich is one of the Most used games When it comes to playing and having fun with your pet. supports Different ways to play From throwing it and going with it to making it bounce and trying to catch it in the air, and trying to get it off you. However, this Not the right game for your dog. the next We explain why You should let him play with the tennis ball, problem It can affect your health.

Tennis ball is dangerous to your health

And it is that a tennis ball can be a Health risks our dog. It is an object Not willing to be bitten by dogswith what they are doing at the moment, it could be Damage to tooth enamelroadblock airways and even create blockages in Intestine. Of course this It’s not just about playing But this is also true It is not necessary to take such risks.. For this reason, experts suggest it Let’s go to other options.

Tips for playing ball

1. Warm up and stretch the muscles

Please before playing Walk or jog for a few minutesIn addition to a few Nice tug of war for stretching. Perform low jumps and spins left and right and extend from neck and spine.

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2. Suitable material

Kids Games It should be light size f suitable materials. Ideals are the ball, prof frisbees specific to dog or a rubber stick. Avoid tennis balls.

3. Avoid impossible tracks

Throw the ball in straight line and rather below from his head, instead of up to avoid having to lift neck to catch it.

4. It is not suitable for all dogs

One must be cerfull that this game Not suitable for every dog. It is always best to avoid it If you are particularly susceptible are at risk of infection, have osteoporosis, or if, when the ball is outunable to attend to anything else.

Tennis ball alternatives

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Great care must be taken With a tennis ball, especially for her Distinctive yellow fluff surface. yellow paint It can act as sandpaper For your pet’s tooth enamel, which can erode, and be able to It causes a blockage in the intestine.

In addition to yellow fluff, The plastic the balls are made ofI can make these pieces get in the back throat, leading to airway obstruction.

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