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the trained dogs They can be the best allies when conducting tracing operations. Thanks to advances in technology, dogs with GPS It could be the best tool for Find missing people. These animals have resulted in some societies such as Castilla y León, and are essential when it comes to locating people. Last year, they located six missing people. This is achieved thanks to a special necklace which has a GPS tracking system that identifies the area the activist is combing and avoids dark areas in the search.

This is done by chasing dogs on the loose and to prevent them from losing sight, they stay “A good appointment and record that he is not in that area & rdquor;. Although dogs have the ability to orient themselves well when locating a search, isolated areas can be left untracked, but this is impossible with GPS, as it transmits data from the collar in real time, device receiver.

Receiving data from this device carried by the agent allows real-time transmission of data with a range Fourteen kilometers of separation between one and the other in conditions. Therefore, it turns out to be the most efficient way to execute a Missing persons tracking.

The importance of caring for your pet

Since last January 1, pets They became part of the family It is considered by law to be another member. From now on, animals are already protected by law so that they cannot be mistreated and people who want to have one are responsible and have to take responsibility for it. There are many questions and answers about pets, from vaccinations to care or how to keep them happy.

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Dogs and cats are some of the most common animals that are usually kept at home in Spain. The law now requires a test before getting a pet, a test to prove you qualify, although there is a cap on it must be in the home and it cannot be Restrict them to the porch or patio For a long time because they can pay a fine of up to 50,000 euros.

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Pet health is one of the biggest fears at home They do not suffer or experience pain. He tells you by his behavior what his mood is like, but also know what the law says when traveling on planes, public transport or how you have to take them in the car to comply with DGT regulations and not be fined.

There are people who, despite being animal lovers, cannot live with them because they suffer from allergies. There are a few ways to try to reduce the effects, but it can be difficult day in and day out. It is common in most homes in Spain to see dogs and it is essential to know what they are Rules of behavior with animals within the neighborhood community. Pets are great, although you should always maintain respect for the people around you.

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