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Pets are our most faithful companions with whom we perform some of our daily activities. But the degree of union between pets and their owners is such that love is also a common point. Now, courting your pets is possible thanks to Applications Designed for that. There are over 300 apps designed to find love, but some are out there Designed for specific groups, such as animal lovers.

The goal of this dating app is to find love thanks to your dog or cat. Going for a walk with your pet can be the perfect opportunity for this find love And if he can be with your canine companion, even better.

Animalear app

This is an application to meet your soul mate thanks to your pet. Some may wonder how the idea of ​​applying to meet people through their pets came about. The fact is that this idea arose in A.S pet store And thanks to founder, Oscar Puig, who wanted to somehow unite loving relationships with his animals.

In this way, users can connect with other animal loverslikes sharing, even communicating in an emotional way. Most of those who use this app to go for a walk with their pets meet with the goal of sharing this love for animals, but above all, getting to know each other personally.

The importance of caring for your pet

Since January 1, pets are part of the family and are considered by law to be another member. From now on, animals are already protected by law so that they cannot be mistreated and people who want to have one are responsible and have to take responsibility for it. There are many questions and answers about pets, from vaccinations to care or how to keep them happy.

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Dogs and cats are some of the most common animals that are usually kept at home in Spain. The law now requires a test before you get a pet, which is a test to show you qualify for it, although there is a cap you can get them at home and you can’t chain them to a balcony or patio for too long because you can be fined up to €50,000.

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Pet health is one of the biggest concerns in the home, they don’t suffer or suffer from pain. He tells you by his behavior what his mood is like, but also know what the law says when traveling on planes, public transport or how you have to take them in the car to comply with DGT regulations and not be fined.

There are people who, even though they are animal lovers, cannot live with them because they suffer from allergies. There are a few ways to try to reduce the effects, but it can be difficult day in and day out. In a large part of homes in Spain it is common to see dogs and it is essential to know the rules of behavior with animals within the neighborhood community. Pets are great, although you should always maintain respect for the people around you.

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