Peter Pan and Wendy | Noah Matthews, the first actor with Down syndrome to star in a Disney movie

Peter Pan Wendy Coming to the big screen, making history. The multinational company decided Bet on inclusion Among his characters, he decided to give importance to a person with Down syndrome plays one of the main roles. he Noah Mathewsa 15-year-old British boy who put himself in the shoes of… slightOne of the missing children who lives in Neverland and encounters the fearsome Captain Hook.

Noah himself has said in numerous interviews and on his social networks that he is part of this project It was a dream for him. It all started as soon as he found out that Disney was looking for an actor at an all-in-one talent agency where Noah Matthews was signed up, called butyric. The young man did not hesitate for a moment to sign up to be part of the film crew. Finally, among hundreds of candidates, Noah is done.

It was an incredible experience. I had my own trailer and made a lot of great friends. “We were all taught with swords and I loved it,” he told British media The Sun in an interview.

Who is Noah Matthews?

Passionate about theaterNoah Matthews studied this major from a young age, and although he was always more accustomed to acting on stage, in film acting It proved to be the exact profile the writers were looking for. In addition to his great interest in the novel he wrote lord of the flies to William GoldinIt brought him closer to the exit David LowryBig fan of this story.

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The similarity between the Lost Children of Neverland and the boys in W. Goldin’s novel led to a relationship between the young actor and the director. instant connection. So, much later, Laurie calls Noah to preach to him: He will become Slightly’s representativeone of the missing children.

After months of filming and secrecy, as soon as the trailer came out, Noah Matthews was quick to share the poster on her Instagram Stories. “This is me! NEW STICKERS COMING TODAY Only one month left until Peter Pan and Wendy are set free! I can’t wait for you to see it. He wrote next to the photo.

From that moment until today, the young Briton has continued to share more photos filming and the attachments of the long-awaited film for the month of April via their social networks.

A family proud of its young star

his mom, Catherine MathewsShe couldn’t be more proud of her son, whom she even accompanied Vancouver Flying in for the casting: “It’s unbelievable. This was his first job as a film actor and He was chosen from thousands of people“Commented on the sun. There they were housed in a house overlooking the mountain during the months that filming continued. Mom and Dad had to take turns not spending much time away from home.

Everyone remembers those days as part of a difficult period when Noah had to work many hours a day, without being able to do anything else; despite of Every effort was worth it. said Noah, remembering one of the few days he ate some Free time to enjoy In Vancouver with his family.

Lula Matthews, her 18-year-old older sister, is her biggest fan, and although she missed her too, she knew that their time apart was worth it. She cried when the Disney logo appeared at the beginning of the movie. She is very proud of mecommented Noah.

“Peter Pan and Wendy”

The film is based on the novelist’s authorship James Matthew Barry and the film cartoon 1953the stars on it Judas law who gives life Captain Gargio. For her part, the African American actress Oh my martyr makes it bell; Iver Anderson will play Wendy and youth Alexander Moloney16 years old, will put himself in place Peter Pan.

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This Disney movie is probably one of the most anticipated by fans and also by those who aren’t; actually He is one of the first to bet on inclusion With the participation of an actress African Americans Giving life to Tinkerbell and a person with Down syndrome are among its heroes.

Decisions that created controversy among some however They have served as an example to many others.

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