Pete Davidson will fly into space with Blue Origin next week

Pete Davidson will fly into space with Blue Origin next week

Pete Davidson, the comedian star of “Saturday Night Live” has been confirmed as a celebrity to be on the line-up for a trip to space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spacecraft next week.

Quoted from Reuters on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian’s lover was announced by Blue Origin on Monday (14/3) local time as a “guest of honor” joining five other customers who paid for the company’s fourth commercial flight since last summer.

Davidson was reported to have had discussions with Blue Origin earlier this month. So far, Davidson has not commented further.

The five people who will fly include investor Marty Allen, property entrepreneur Marc Hagle and his wife Sharon Hagle, University of North Carolina professor Jim Kitchen, and Commercial Space Technologies founder-president George Nield.

They are scheduled to take off on March 23 aboard the New Shepard launch vehicle from Van Horn, Texas, United States.

The entire flight, from takeoff to landing, is expected to last a little over 10 minutes. The crew will experience several minutes of weightlessness atop the 350,000 feet (106 km) suborbital summit, then will return to Earth by parachute landing in the desert.

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Davidson, star of the television show “SNL” and film “The King of Staten Island”, is the celebrity selected as a non-paying Blue Origin passenger for promotional purposes.

Davidson will follow in the footsteps of “Star Trek” actor William Shatner who flew in last October, making him the oldest passenger to ever fly into space.

In addition to Shatner, “Good Morning America” ​​host Michael Strahan and the daughter of the late NASA astronaut Laura Shepard Churchley have flown on Blue Origin.

Bezos himself took part in Blue Origin’s maiden crewed flight into space in July last year with his brother Mark Bezos as well as Wally Funk and Oliver Daeman.

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besides Pete Davidson, Justin Sun was also chosen for Space Tour Using Blue Origin

Blue Origin
Blue Origin

Founder and CEO of blockchain platform Tron as the winner of the auction to fill Blue Origin’s first space tourism seat.

Unmitigated, Sun had to spend USD 28 million or the equivalent of Rp. 398 billion, which of course was for one round trip.

Sun originally went on a space tour on July 20 along with Jeff Bezos to the suborbitorial using the New Shepard spacecraft. But that didn’t happen.

Now, the latest Sun flight schedule has been set. Quoted, Space, Friday (12/24/2021) the crypto skipper departs next year with five other passengers as a result of his recommendation.

The criteria for space travel passengers with this crypto tycoon include prominent figures in digital currency, members of the Tron community, technology entrepreneurs, and artists.

“With the rapid development of commercial aerospace, entering the space that may be a dream can be realized by everyone in their life,” said Sun.

“We are entering an era of great spaceflight. This journey needs more people to get involved,” he added.

Sun was born and raised in China. However, he has played a major role in the Caribbean nation of Grenada, which Grenada recently appointed as a world trade ambassador.

If Sun is successful in launching a launch and returning to Earth, he will be the first Grenada man, the first international diplomat, and the first blockchain industry leader to undertake space tourism.

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passengers who died as a result of Airplane Accidents Flying into Space


American businessman Glen de Vries, who flew into space with “Star Trek” actor William Shatner on a Blue Origin flight last month, has died in a plane crash.
A spokeswoman for the New Jersey state police told AFP the small plane de Vries was on crashed in Hampton Township, New Jersey, about 60 miles (95 kilometers) west of New York City, shortly before 3 p.m. on Thursday. 11) local time,.

“There are two confirmed deaths,” the spokesman said, naming de Vries, 49, and Thomas Fischer, 54.

“The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) will be the main investigative body,” he added, without providing further details.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (11/13/2021), De Vries, founder of clinical research platform Medidata Solutions, joins “Star Trek” actor William Shatner on Blue Origin’s second crewed mission on October 13.

Also on the 11-minute journey that took them beyond Earth’s atmosphere and back again was Blue Origin executive Audrey Powers and co-founder of Planet Labs, Chris Boshuizen.

“We are devastated to hear of Glen de Vries’ sudden departure,” Blue Origin said in a tweet on Twitter”He brought so much life and energy to the entire Blue Origin team and his fellow crew members. His passion for aviation, charity work and dedication to his craft will continue to be respected and admired,” added Blue Origin.


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