Pet TV | Can our pets watch TV?: That’s all you need to know

Taking into account that See pets Like dogs and cats Much smaller than any human, the canines and cats of A Less detailed display ability From our country, especially cats. Indeed, for a dog to see as clearly as a human, it must be Three times closer to the same object. In the case of cats, even closer.

So are dogs and cats They have the possibility of suffering from myopia Just like humans, it makes their visual ability seem lower than normal. Endless Eye problems that we must examine gradually with the vet. but, There is a factor Many owners do not take these into account when maintaining good vision for their pets: the television.

Dogs and cats distinguish colors on the screen

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despite of A few years ago TV wasn’t ready For people with vision problems, new devices Their properties have been improved As the years go by. And this is where it comes in resolution of televisions I got to a level where cats and dogs are Pictures can be seen clearly. Shows with other dogs tend to be favorites for canines, and shows with animation or prey are just that They keep our cats glued to the screen.

This was the improvement in the picture quality of televisions, this Dogs and cats can even distinguish some colours on the screen. Although they cannot see as many colors as humans, Our pets can perceive Yellow, blue and green, though not in the same way as we do. Be that as it may, despite the fact that there are many Hoaxes about bad consequences That our pets watch TV, it seems that consumption indicators It’s the same for humans.

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