Pet Sitting: So you can stay for free for pet sitting

Do you have the possibility to work remotely? WhatYou want to be able to do it from anywhere in the world, but you don’t have enough housing budget? Do you like animals too? New forms of the collaborative economy have opened up a host of possibilities for travel. One of them is becoming Pet sitter.

a Pet sitter It’s like A kind of kangaroo, but pets instead of kids. Their job is to move into a house and cater to a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, etc., while their owners are away.

The good thing is that there are platforms that allow you to carry out this activity all over the planet. Thus, you can visit other cities or countries without having to pay accommodation costs And also enjoy the company of a furry. One of the most famous and used is


Acts as an intermediary facilitating the exchange of services. Unlike other tools for walking or grooming dogs for hours, here The owners don’t pay you anything per hour. Let’s say you keep the house a little bit and take care of their animals or animals and they They let you stay for free time when they weren’t.

The only thing owners and breeders have to pay is a Annual fee that costs 89 euros (At the moment there is a 20% discount, so it costs €71.20).

Benefits and expenses

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Return trips will be entirely at your expense, so factor in all expenses involved (plane, train, boat, bus, etc.). If you are looking to stay in other countries, we recommend that you try to look at the flights on the suggested dates to get an idea of ​​how much it can cost. You will too Count food expenses for those days.

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I actually got there, met the owners and received the relevant instructions. Once you are in charge of the house and populationCan Stay in touch at all times with the person who has it hired. You can make calls, send photos, videos, etc the potato Absent, keep calm And know that your best friends are well taken care of.

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